december 10th 2021

  This site has been up for about 16 hours while I am writing and coding this. Only 3 days ago I had no idea how to use HTML at all, and now I've made this entire website. No, it's not much. But it's mine. All coded by my fingers (except that meta under the title). I've even got a .css file for the style of things.
I wasn't around for Geocities. But I like a lot of things I wasn't around for. Like Naked Eyes.

album cover


  It's almost Christmas. One of the gifts for my Mom is here and I have to make the other one. The gift for my dad is here. The gifts for my brother are coming. I've got no idea what they got me(except the memory foam mattress, which they let me set up now). The weather is nice. Supposed to get a little higher in the next few days, but that's fine. I love wearing my jackets.

  I'm learning HTML, duh. Still listening to my shoutcasts, still gaming. Right now it's Vintage Story. I'll probably be playing some Project Zomboid multiplayer soon, with friends; which group it will be I'm not sure yet.

  Still working on the site. Thinking of things to put here, ways to improve it. Consider this an "early access" page. I'll be writing the About page after finishing this blog post. I'll make a way of jumping to specific dates on this page, or some sort of page system, at some point. Not sure how. Ideally I won't have a million seperate HTML files, but we'll see.