may 31st 2022

  I'm just kind of sitting on my heels right now with the site, I guess. I need to do things, real things which progress the site from simply something to show off towards whatever it's going to be. I need to admit that here, so I hold myself to it.

  With that out of the way, welcome back to the site, if you're just here for this. I doubt anyone is, but I don't want to assume anything. And if it's your first time looking here, welcome! It's the 10th blog post on the site. Some kind of an anniversary I guess. Woohoo.

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  Rest in peace, Andy Fletcher.

  The pretzels I was talking about making last blog turned out pretty good! I liked them, at least. I tried to make some sugar cookies dipped in choclate for my brothers birthday, though, and it didn't turn out so well. They didn't turn cookie shape from the balls I formed them into. They still taste good, though. Funny thing, actually; I didn't do any prep so I tried to make them on the day of, but I mixed the dough way too late to get them cooked by then. Also, I had a tabletop game at 6 PM, which I hit in the middle of baking the cookies, so I had to have my brother finish them up.

  I found Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke while at a Goodwill. It was the only thing I bought that trip. Went to one further away and found some cool stuff, like a pill identification book. Also was given a flare gun, which I want to get a sub-caliber insert for. I really need to get a lightbox made so I can photograph this stuff. I figure it seems awfully dull to just get told about cool stuff.

  I saw one of my birthday gifts on accident, because the box it was in was in the pouring rain. Thankfully it was covered in plastic on the inside. I got given it early beacuse I had already seen it and it came up in conversation with my brother, who was the one that got it for me. I won't tell you guys what it is until my birthday, though. >:)

  Been gaming hard. Last night it was Arma 3, with Liberate Tanoa modified for use with the Lythium map. We killed until 7 AM. I've been doing the tabletop gaming and the Dominions 5 gaming otherwise. Not much else. I'm too social now to be playing singleplayer games most of the time. Also been drawing some, though. Some concept art for some aliens that Sif generated using GURPS Space. I got a new drawing tablet, just one of the small no screen ones. Nothing special. And I've been listening to lots of music, since I got a 32gb microSD for my phone; it lets me store most of the music I want on it. Lots of stuff I had downloaded but never heard before are getting airtime!

  That's all I've got for this, uh, period of time. Two weeks. 15 days. I wish there was a better way to address this period of time I do blogs at. Whatever. Have a good night!