june 15th 2022

  Busy couple of weeks.

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  First off, we got a new shed and I've been moving shit into it today. My arms are sore, I was drenched in sweat afterwards, and the old shed had lots of bugs. Fun stuff. Got a cook book out of it, and some tools.

  Also baked some more cookies this morning, the mix was flour starved but they came out the best they ever have. They're actually cookie shape, instead of staying balls like last time or being really thin on the edges. Only thing is, they're not really chewy. I'm going to experiment with using more flour than this but less flour than it says on the recipe next time.

  Got more VHSes, I can't remember which ones I got this half-month. Dances With Wolves is definitely one of them, though. Great movie. Got some more hawaiian shirts, a dress shirt, a normal button up, and some cool games on disc, like Half Life: Blue Shift. Also this really cool pair of sunglasses.

  Sewed up some holes in some jeans I have. One pair keeps getting holes on the knee right above the patches I sew on, so I just put a huge one on. The other had a small hole next to the top of one of the back pockets, and it was a bigger pain in the ass to get on than the big one.

  Played some Base Defense because we didn't get to do any tabletop tonight. It's a free Half Life mod that rocks, if you've never seen it you should try it out.

  That's all I have this time, I guess. Check here on the 29th for my birthday! I'm gonna deviate from the schedule and do this on the 29th instead of the 30th just so you know. Until then, bye.