june 29th 2022

  It's my birthday.

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  Man, I need to do a media player. Hate having to rely on Youtube for this shit, especially when I can't find a video that isn't blocked from playing on other sites.

  Anyways, let's get into the blog stuff. I've been watching movies, finally got around to watching Reservoir Dogs, watched Generation Kill, watched Hurt Locker. I feel the masculine urge to watch more movies in my veins. Also watched some stuff on VHS, because we're not just getting those for show(except Buns of Steel). Crocodile Dundee, Highlander, and The Sting, which we found a vinyl for the soundtrack of at the same thirftstore on a different day. Absolutely awesome movie with a great soundtrack, glad to have both on physical media.

  That's a good pivot into thrift finds. In no particular order; a handful of old tactical shooter games including SWAT 3, Ghost Recon, and Delta Force, Invisible Touch by Genesis, Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears, No-Brainers on The Internet(a 1998 VHS guide on the internet), white with blue flowers hawaiian shirt, Half-Life: Blue Shift, and a shirt for my Dad for Father's Day.

  There's some cool and funny stuff from thrifting oridnary stores these two weeks, BUT the real good stuff came from a used book store. I hit the motherload. Not only were there vinyls there, of which we got an EP of Living in a Box and Quarterflash's self-titled album, among other things, but I got...

  GURPS sorucebooks. Not any sourcebooks, either, I got BIO-TECH. That has to be THE oddest sourcebook you can find in a store. Also got Tactical Shooting. They also had Low-Tech and High-Tech but I'll come back for those. They have to have had these books for a long time, because I remember as a young lad, they had most likely the same copy of Tactical Shooting out on the shelf. This time, though, it was under lock in a case. They also had Supers and another one I can't remember right now in there. Unfortunately, they don't have Basic Set, so I'm hoping that I can find that at a reasonable price online or maybe they just have it in storage. I dunno.

  Same place, they had comics for $2 a piece, and my brother bought a funny amount of them, mostly DC(I think) Star Trek ones, but also one of each Metalmen they had, the only not new Lobo, and a few others. Really cool stuff. Not into comics, but all of these are just too cool, and $2 each.

  Another thirft-ish store we went to had this awesome pair of shades that scream "mid-90s" and I had to get them. Also from there, I got a movie poster of Hurt Locker, a big poster-sized guide on how to make a tie with patterns, and they had some vinyls, but none of them were that interesting. HOWEVER, the people who own that place also own the place next door, which is a smoke shop, and they have tons of vinyls. I can't remember everything we got but we definitely got an EP of Situation by Yaz and a Bobby Darin album, one that has Mack the Knife on it. My dad used to work at that place, so the owner let us see the 7" singles, and I can't remember which ones of those we got. I think Stevie Wonder? There's one of those baby CRTs with a radio in it there too, gonna get it if it's still there next time.

  Update on the shed, it's all situated. Big storage shed, small yard shed, and a workshop shed. I'll be able to get some projects done in it, hopefully, and I'll try to document them. We've been going through stuff in general, getting rid of stupid or nasty stuff, rediscovering cool old stuff, and putting everything in order. I scored a toolbox full of tools out of it, and this cool pair of scissors with geometric handles. Oh yea, and a proper monitor stand. I was resting this monitor on a block of wood and shimming it with paper towels to get it in a good position, and it still wasn't in a good position. Now, it's much better.

  Alright, I think that's it for now. Writing this I realize I could have made last blogpost longer, listing out VHSes. Live and learn. I really gotta put myself to work on getting some more stuff on here. We'll see. Until next time.