july 15th 2022

  Another blogpost with not much to show on the site front, deja vu.

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  I'm not too worried though. Still need to figure out a media player.

  Alright, first off, I got Low-Tech and High-Tech from the book store. Planning on doing a one-shot in GURPS, I'll reveal more here when I've got enough to show. Also finished another campaign, the supers one. Waiting on the epilogue from Sif on that one. Gonna replace that campaign with another one instantly, and I've got a SWN game coming up, in addition to the current Cockaigne campaign... jeez.

btfo'd mortar  Didn't get much for my birthday, but that's fine. We celebrated it on the 3rd so we could combine it with the 4th of July, because it's easier to get everyone together right before the 4th. If you ever wondered what happens when you try to launch two mortar charges out of one tube, look to your left. Yep, I just floated that shit. Look at that. That's beautiful. Anyways, that mishap was a result of my brother and I's combined inebriation, which truth be told wasn't that much, but we thought that was gonna be a fuckin awesome idea. Afterwards, we drank some vanilla rum and peppermint schnapps(just a bit) while watching Superjail!. Love that show. I used to watch some of it when I was really young, because we left the TV on at night on Cartoon Network. That may have had some effect on my mental development, but whatever. Anyways, uh, I got a few things with my birthday money. Some stuff from Sportsman's Guide, which wasn't very much in reality, but I had to either get 3 months of Buyer's Club for $10 or pay $15 in shipping and handling. Also got some games, including Hypnospace Outlaw, which I've been having lots of fun with. It reminds me of just browsing Neocities. Wait, is that a fucking picture? That doesn't look like ass? FUCK man I could have done the entire things page if I figured this out earlier, I don't need a stupid fucking lightbox. Dammit, man.

  That was a really long paragraph. But, uh, what did I get from thrifting these past few weeks? Weeeeeell, I got two Benny Goodman casettes and one of the Andew Sisters, Once Upon a Time in America and The Poseidon Adventure on VHS, some Roy Orbison on CD, one of the clear Nerf blasters that has a silly little laser-like aiming device, a few dressy button ups, and the soundtrack for The Sting on casette, which is funny because now we have The Sting on VHS and the soundtrack on vinyl AND casette. Who knows, maybe we'll find it on CD and 8 track, next. Awesome movie by the way, highly recommend.

  To close out for today, a random thing; did you know the PS2 and PS3 had working, official Linux support? Check out this video, it's pretty crazy. Imagine if we had consoles supporting computer OSes nowadays. That's all I've got for now. Also, won't be thrifting that much in the coming weeks, but I'll try to get all I've got so far on the things page. Cya.