july 30th 2022

  Woah, look out, BIG UPDATE coming through! Also, it was just my mom's birthday.

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  Just finished the current iteration of the things page as I type this. Feels good to have that finally populated. It makes me want to do more. I had this idea for the banner that it could have some windows-like buttons that make it smaller or collapse it.

  Anyways, the Cockaigne campaign is done. I joined Eswil real quick and it seems like it's gonna end soon or go into broader scale. I need to write about those in characters. I'm developing the idea of my campaign, I need to actually put some time down and work on maps, enemies, story, et cetera. Also need to, like, learn how to GURPS. I'm gonna have my nose in Basic Set Campagins for a while.

  Played a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Mostly Arma 3. Was trying Vindicta with some friends, it's a good module but it's pretty buggy. Played some Project Zomboid multiplayer too. Waiting for that big update, the one that will add animals and shit. Also tried out Skyrim Together Reborn last night, it's a buggy mess but it's really funny.

  Not much on the thrifting front, as expected, but I did get some VHSes and a new Hawaiian shirt. Nice. Also the tapes labled as "swing tapes" on things. And my parents got me some things they thought I'd like from a thrift store(and I do).

  Anyways, uhh... not much else happening. I've got a lot of ideas for the site but I'm not sure how I'd implement them(my problem) and I need to find out a way to balance the site and my campaign(my problem). Well, off I go to do the characters stuff I forgot to do earlier. Ta-ta.