august 15th 2022

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  Look at that shit. Yea, it's a little quirky sometimes, but man, I banged my head against it enough at this point. I'll add some better functionality to it at some point, and I might let you choose between the banner and the media player on every page. Dunno. Just glad to have this instead of regular HTML audio or [blech] Youtube embeds. This system does rely on Catbox for hosting though, and the owner of Catbox is going through some troubles, and I can't really donate or anything, which sucks, but that's how I'm hosting the music. Anyways, at this point, I've replaced all the previous blogpost music with these media players, so you won't get any SME or UMG bullshit or be unable to change the volume before you start playing it. There's also a test of it on the testing page.

  I've been getting into drawing a little bit. I used to draw as a kid, and I had an opprotunity to go to the South Carolina Governor's School. I probably would have been accepted, too. It would have taken me out of my home, though, and I didn't want that. I just had a normal public school education instead. Doing art again is pretty fun, though. I've been drawing with Sif but I kinda messed the thing he had going on by inviting someone else. I hope I didn't do any permanent damage. I guess this is related, but I've confirmed that I'm gonna get a keyboard arranger for Christmas. I can't wait. One of my friends was teaching me some notes and I was following along on a virtual keyboard, one of the ones you play with the computer keyboard, but I felt like I needed to learn the finger placement before I could continue any further. I have some of the stuff written down as notes.

  Not much from thrifting, like I said before. Went to a pawn shop and saw some cool stuff, though. A reproduction Thompson gun, some big keyboards. One was a Casio that was kind of scuffed up, but if it still worked, 200 bucks for it would be a good deal. I was looking at some little baby guns, like the Ruger LCP. Also saw a Maverick 88 and wanted to get it. We got a few VHSes and a kitchen scale, that's all.

  Speaking of stuff from thrifting, I didn't get around to updating things this time. Focused on the media player and also non-site stuff. Like, I recently rearranged some stuff in my room for more floorspace. Going to give lots of shoes to Goodwill. I'm keeping my dress shoes, some boots, and my Heelys that still fit. I wish I had some inline skates, though, and a place to do skating. I'd love to have a place to learn skateboarding.

  Fall is coming. I can't wait for it to be cold again. I have all these jackets and blankets, but I can't use any of them for more than half of the year, which is fucked up. Hoping for a white Christmas in the sticks down here. Wish upon a star. I figure that's all I have to say this time. Take care, everyone.