august 31st 2022

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  Slow weeks. Nothing much going on.

  Thrifting got a few VHSes, a pink button-up, and a kitchen scale. Really nothing else, but I went and got some diatomaceous earth from the hardware store to try and take care of some sugar ants that are going places they don't belong. Also had to get some soda, because they have sarsparilla there. I also came into posession of some .327 Magnum(yes, that's the right number) cartridges, and some Department of the Army pamphlets from the 50s. I'll get those in things at some point.

  As far as the site... I tried to figure out a way to make a music player you could use on any page. I realized this either means doing something hacky with iframes or a popup, and I don't want to do either. I've been thinking about getting a Shoutcast and simply hosting a station, but that is far down the line stuff. Anyways, what I did do is change the buttons on the media player. Sorry to any Chromium users, your version is going to look slightly scuffed, and I've decided to focus on making the site look good for Firefox.

  Downloaded this game called Memiors of Magic, it's a GZDoom total overhaul that's pretty fun. It's definitely not easy, though; it seems like it's designed for a group of people, but we weren't able to get it working stable via Radmin. Doing the first boss solo gave me a minor case of gamer rage, and the thing is, I didn't realize you could pick up and throw the swords he drops in the second phase, and they do around 1/8th of his health. The second area that the king suggests you go to is also just kicking my ass.

  Earlier in these two weeks I did some Neocities snooping and found some more cool sites! I love to find new sites through global activity, I should really do it more often. Also, a reminder to all siteless individuals reading this, MAKE A WEBISTE! I would love to see what you make!!

  Anyways, anyways, anyways, that's all from me this time. Like I said, slow couple of weeks. See you next week with, hopefully, more stuff regarding the site. And my GURPS campaign...