september 15th 2022

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  I figure I should update the site soon. Not sure what to do, though. Anyone got any ideas?

  A few more VHSes from thrifting, as well as two of the Liesure Suit Larry games in their boxes. Not sealed, but complete as far as I can tell. Massive find. Man, I need to get around to taking pictures of all my VHSes.

  A smidge of progress on my GURPS campaign, redid some maps with new assets and got the final map laid out a bit. Tabletop has been slow these few weeks, one of my GMs hasn't been able to host. I've also been making a character for the next Cockaigne adventure, and I've been having a hell of a time trying to balance points, money, and weight. I like the character, though. Some not GURPS tabletop stuff I've been doing online is Oath, which is more like a board game. I've played 3 or 4 games with some friends and it's been really fun. In my hubris, I kept becoming the kingmaker, deciding which person won the game. Even though I haven't won a single time, it's been very enjoyable to play.

  I got one of my Christmas gifts early because my brother and sister got their big presents early too. It's a Casio CT-X700 digital keyboard, and I've had a lot of fun playing around with it so far. I have no idea how to play piano, or any instrument for that matter, but I hope to learn with this extremely affordable keyboard, which was only 200 dollars. I finally have a keyboard to pair with my awesome blue reflective sunglasses, which I sadly put a scratch on via improper storage.

  I've gotten access to a propane flamethrower and told to burn the ditch out with it. Standing outside and sweating my ass off has never been so fun! I mean that without jest, it's a great time. I'm facing the issue that nothing burns very well except some of the leaves and some dry grassy plant. I think I need to go up and down with the weedwhacker a bit before starting the burn. I'm so glad I live in a state where flamethrowers like this are unregulated.

  I've been watching Breaking Bad so I can watch Better Call Saul with full context. I had simply never seen it before, I don't usually watch TV. One season left before the movie, then I can watch Better Call Saul. Been thinking about Twin Peaks recently. Need to finish it after I'm done with all this Albuquerque stuff.

  Hmm. Hmmm hmm hmmmm. Much to think about. I'll get on thinking, thanks for reading.