october 1st 2022

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  Hurricane Ian was completely fine. We prepared adequitely and only lost power for around 8 hours. We didn't lose anything from heavy wind. It was actually quite pleasent, I read a third of Nemesis by Isaac Asimov during the outage. A home full of appliances being completely silent is rather refreshing. We took anything we wanted out of the fridge and freezer beforehand, so I was sipping Pibb mixed with Goldschlanger like a king with candles flickering. And, after the power came back on, I got to kill in Arma 3. Overall great day.

  Speaking of Goldschlanger, that's my first alcohol purchase ever. Despite being 21 for 3 months at this point, I had just bought it I think the 22nd. I didn't even get carded, which is a major self-esteem boost, personally. The cash I spent on it was from housesitting for my brother-in-law and sister for four days. Four cats and a dog, for four days, in really not the best neighborhood. One night, I heard what I can't imagine were fireworks. I can't tell how far away it was. I think I actually ate better than usual staying there, though. Overall, it was fun and not fun at times, like many things, but it was wholly worthwhile.

  One of my friends got some Humble Bundle thing and got Brigador from it, which he already had, so he passed it onto me. Great game. It was cathardic, after housesitting for the better part of a week, to completely demolish upscale and suburban environments with the tools available to you as a Contractor. I believe that this game is tied with Postal 2 in the category of "most makes you want to kill civillians". What can I say, collateral pays too well.

  I suppose along similar lines, I've thrown together a character for an upcoming Cyberpunk 2020 game to be hosted by Sif. I didn't have much of a plan going into it, but I came out with something really cohesive and solid, at least as a character, maybe not mechanically. We'll see. It'll be next year, so you won't hear jack about it until 2023 rolls around. Still trying to finalize my most recent Cockaigne character... and Eswil will be coming to a close soon. Oh, also, I've gotten some more work done on my own camapign. Need to keep that gravy train rolling.

  Moving on, Some things from Goodwill: Waterworld on VHS. I love Kevin Costner movies. Also got Mad Max and The Road Warrior, two of my favorite movies. A few new Hawaiian shirts, one with a quite intricate pattern of an entire colorful seascape, with little islands and boats hanging out across it, and one with a fairly simple red and white pattern; absolutely classic.

  I'm finally getting into that Belarusian MRE, keeping notes on how I felt about each component. Review will be coming maybe next blog. It'll be in Things. Need to stop slacking on getting more pictures of stuff. That'll really be the day, when it takes more than 10 seconds to scroll top to bottom on that page, and it gives me an excuse to do some intelligent design work for the website. I really can't think of how to improve or expand it without more being on it. It's a me problem. Just gotta sort it out when my brain lets me.

  It's funny how, in my haste, I get such results as this out of a blog. It's been a reocurring thing in my life; procastainate until the deadline puts real pressure, then get it all done in one mentally deranged spurt of energy. That's how I got through high school, you know. Not particularly proud of it.

  I figure that's TMI, but it's my God damned website. I love it BECAUSE I can throw literally all my thoughts here, and it doesn't matter if anyone reads it. If you truly did, then I salute you. Stay safe.