october 15th 2022

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  I'm getting this done early, so no 11:30 PM rush hour today.

  I'm taking a break from joining new tabletop games until I finish my campaign. I think I'm online too much as well, so having one less excuse to be on the computer is a good thing. I've got some personal stuff I have to deal with, too. Bear with me guys, lots to think about right now. I'm getting some progress on my campaign, but not as much as I'd like. I keep overthinking things and getting distracted. Sif has been trying to help. I'm not sure what I want out of this one-shot other than to learn some backend stuff. Maybe I don't need to want anything else. I'm not sure!

  Anyways, thrifting found a Members Only jacket last weekend. Good condition, Large Tall, sadly not Europe Craft but a good find nonetheless. Also a cassette of Piano Man and another hawaiian shirt. That's really it, but along the same lines, I suppose, is that I sewed a patch onto a pair of my jeans that was ripping above an older patch. I'm gonna have to do it again for another pair. It feels good to get stuff like that done, and you get some time to think while doing it. I want to make my own clothes at some point, but we only have a normal kind of sewing machine that'd you'd see in someone's house. You can't really make pants with it. I've had an idea for a while to take US BDU jackets and add pockets like the Swiss Alpenflage field jackets.

  Made some more cookies, finally. Just sugar cookies. But, this time, I did two experiments; I tried to coat some cookies in brown sugar, and I made a weird sugar paste and tried to form it into shapes. The brown sugar cookies did not come out very well, I think the molasses in the sugar got burnt or something. The sugar paste things came out alright, at 350 F all the water boiled out and left the sugar object flat, hard, and full of holes. I tried some at 175 F, but the tall one I made started to melt, so I took them out, and they were more like normal sugar but bonded together. I think I'll play around with the paste again, and probably find a good recipe for molasses cookies.

  Been playing around a little bit with the piano. Found an interesting series of notes I can play, B, C#, and E. I need to learn which scale that is on. I need to dedicate more time to it in general. I've got all these ideas in my head for MUSIC and I need to dump it out somewhere. I've been trying to draw a bit more, as well. No one wants to get on Drawpile anymore, which sucks. Doing that was fun.

  Can't wait for it to be cold and stay cold. I hope it snows this year. It's been a while since he had snow, and I wanna get out and play around in it again. Snow is so fun, warm soup air is no fun. I wanna climb a snowy tree and feel the wind blow the branches every which way.

  I think that's all for now. Don't let the Creature get you.