january 14th 2022

  Where did a month go? And with no site maintenance... I oughta be ashamed of myself. Anyways, I just got done redoing the about page. Trying to put myself in an easy to digest list just wasn't doing it for me. I used to really like to write, and looking at what I had laid out just made me wonder where that version of me had gone.

  Anyways, Merry (grossly belated)Christmas, and happy New Year. Let's have a better one this time. I got some really cool stuff for Christmas, and I got some really cool stuff for other people, as well. One thing I got, or rather made, I already put up on here as one of the projects, so go check it out! It's been doing fine since it got put outside, and it only came in once because there were some real harsh winds one day.

  I got my dad a nice vintage knife, from the 80s. That's forty years ago now. And I got my brother three vinyls; Time and Tide by Split Enz, Home Cooking by Sergio Mendez & Brazil '77, and Drama by Yes. I paid under $20 for all 3, including shipping, I call that a good deal!

  I made some New Year's resolutions, and I'll let you know how they go, either when I succeed or this December. I wish all of you luck in your own resolutions. Remember that you can do anything if you put your mind to it; it's a battle against your head first.

  I've been playing 7,62 High Calibre. This game is very hard to describe... it's not that good but I always get sucked in like a vortex, and I have fun when it's not crashing. I feel like making a long format review on it... Also beat the Titanfall 2 campagin. Fun game. Project Zomboid multiplayer tapered off. It was fun while it lasted. I didn't play Vintage Story for very long(oops).

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  Like I said eariler, I got lazy with the site, kinda forgot about it. It's my bad. Still haven't done the header things(I want at least 10 before I do it) and I still haven't figured out how pages are going to work. All in due time, though.