october 31st 2022

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  Happy Halloween. Big update today, as you can see from the changelog.

  Let's talk about that. I finally got around to categorizing all of my things, and it took me a second to figure out the categories. Nicknacks is the only category I'm still kind of iffy on because it's also some other stuff. Whatever, it works! And I had a bit of a time figuring out how to make the banner images work on those pages. Had to turn the URLs in my script absolute. No big deal. Also had to start hosting a local copy instead of just opening it in my browser. Using the VSC extension Live Server for that. Works good.

  I got covid about a week ago, so I haven't been out thrifting so much recently. I think closer to the middle of the month, I went out and found Waterworld and the Stargate movie on VHS, and I watched both with my brother. Good movies. The Stargate VHS was a "special edition" in widescreen letterbox... and it had a buzz in the audio. Didn't prevent me from enjoying the movie, though.

  I haven't been doing much since I got covid, kind of brain fogged. Doing all this has been the biggest thing I've done, and it's taken a few days. Thinking about stuff is just a damn slog right now, like I'm trudging through the swamp. I wanna be rid of it so I can go outside and get tired having fun. Also want to get back into working on my campaign. I got quite a bit of stuff done on it before I got down with the sickness, so all I've got left is the home stretch.

  Last night, I made some more cookies, and I made some a little more than a week ago as well. This most recent time I used unsalted butter, like the recipe says you should, and they came out worse than when I was using salted butter. They still aren't turning into cookie shapes, staying in the freshly rolled ball shape they go on the pan as. Next time, I'm going to try with half a cup less flour. I might cut the batch in half, even, and try adding more oil to one. Not sure. I'm gonna have to bake a lot of damn cookies to troubleshoot this recipe.

  I managed to get a spectator spot on Arc game. I liked what I saw, even though he was sick when he wrote up the session. I won't be able to catch this session because of Dasgame, though. That is one reason I don't wanna join Arcgame, but I also don't wanna mess his stuff up with my adherence to the schedule of feeding the cats at(or a little after) 8 PM. And, it seems like he's not really interested in taking on any more players. That's fine, I'm fine with watching when I can. He GMs in a very intersesting way which I feel like I could learn a lot from as a toes-in-the-water fledgling GM.

  I'm working on a pullup bar in the backyard. There's a random sign post back there that was concreted in I presume, and I nabbed this C section tube with a bunch of holes in the sides that is used for chainlink fences from a random spot with no fencing. I used the post hole digger to dig a hole to where the top is just about the same height as the signpost. Now I just need to find a good piece of material to be the bar itself, and a good way to attach it. I was thinking some hoseclamps, but I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it some more when I'm rid of covid.

  This might be kind of awkward to slap at the end here, but I found someone I really like. A lot. I've never felt this way about anyone in my life. It's hard for me to not just dump all my feelings about them right here, but that wouldn't be appropriate, I feel. They make me feel really good. I think the point of me putting this here is so you can tell how I feel, which is really good. I don't know, this whole paragraph is weird. I'll just let that be the end of the blog. See you next time.

  OH YEA, SIF MADE A WEBSITE!!!! You can see it HERE. I'm so happy I got him to make it. He's told me he doesn't really care about the site itself looking good, but I'm glad he'll have a semi-public place to show off his art and GURPS settings and stuff. I hope I can get more people to follow suit and make their own websites. Okay, that's it for real this time. Seeya.