november 15th 2022

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  Happy cold. I finally get to wear my jackets and long sleeve shirts and stuff without sweating my bodyweight twiceover in one day. And, I get to bundle up in bed and get all comfy and sleep better.

  I've been trying to take it as easy as I can these past couple of weeks, so I figure this one will be fairly uninteresting.

  I've mostly gotten over the covid, It's only really just a cough and groggy brain anymore. Hopefully I can get back up to 100% soon and start really putting time down to work out. Speaking of, I went to the store to get some dumbbells, and a single 15 lb dumbbell was TWENTY BUCKS. Are you kidding me? That's insane. My brother warned me that all exercise stuff is way overpriced for no damn reason, and I should have trusted him. I'd rather just put bricks on metal rods and lift those(country boys make do).

  My one-shot(i need to stop calling it a camapign) is coming along nicely, and I should be able to run it soon after I finish up enemy placements and get all the player sheets in. One of my friends is going to be hosting a gladiator campaign, where some of the players are gladiators and some are patrons. It's a neat concept, and I'm going to be joining as a patron. Both of these I will be documenting here, but I'll probably need a new category for games I run myself. I hope one day that category will be very large and chock full of settings and characters and story.

  Thrifting netted a few more Hawaiian shirts and some Three 6 Mafia CDs. My brother picked up Scene It? Star Trek, as well. That was really it, though, not a very thrift-oriented few weeks. We hit Kidney on the weekend which meant the line was way too long for its own good, and there wasn't anything we had to have there either. However, on that same trip, we hit Cookout for the first time in a while, so that was nice. I had a walnut milkshake and it was good! We paid, like, 20 bucks for what would have been a 40 dollar feast most other places, especially with a shake and how many seperate sides we got.

  Watched Platoon with my brother during my dad's birthday party. Great movie, and Willem Dafoe is so fucking young in that movie, it's insane. So is Johnny Depp, neither of us could even recognize him when he was on screen. I'm reminded that I need to get all my VHSes together and take pictures and throw them up here.

  I also watched Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas with my... partner... earlier during the first week. It was really fun, and we kind of made it a date. I had read the book in high school, which made my head hurt, and I think that the movie was a very good take on it.

  I love my partner. I love them so much. I want to say so much more here but I don't feel like it would be appropriate.

  At the end, here, I just want to say, thanks for reading if you did. It means a lot. Also, thanks to my mutuals who are giving some of my friends who are newer to Neocities some traffic, like Biggest and Sif. I like to think it motivates them to do more with their sites, which I would love for them to do! Also, it's Biggest's birthday today, so wish him a good one. Bye!