december 16th 2022

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  Another two weeks over.

  Like I said I would last week, I played Mekton ran by Sif the first Wednesday. It went pretty well! Not a bad system. Only three people showed up and we killed some pirates, but at the end some real big dick swingin' motherfuckers rolled up. One of us died, another blew up his mech on the Bad Guy's and escaped, and my character joined up with the bad guys.

  I also ran the second part of my SWAT game. The ending was kind of goofy in that the big bad guy was a wizard, and he slept all of the SWAT officers and brought them into a dream that was a cube of Relativity(the painting by M.C. Escher). Over the two sessions, the officers only killed six people, including the wizard. It was a very big learning experience for me, but I had fun and I think my players had fun too! I've got ideas for campaigns in the future, but I'll need to read up better on the rules(or at least keep a cheat sheet handy) and think the whole thing out more. Also, I need to figure out what optional rules I wanna use, especially for extra effort.

  As far as video games, I've been playing lots of Counter Strike: Source and Valheim. One of my friends got me Valheim a while ago when it was on sale, but we were waiting on the Mistlands update to play it. Well, it came out, and I've been enjoying it a lot! Building in it is very fun. It captures a very specific kind of exploration, it's hard to explain, but just sailing around on a longship with a friend is one of the most fun things I've ever done in a game. I also really like the health/stamina being governed by what you eat, it's kind of painful in the beginning but when you get a cauldron it's fun.

  I watched Santa Fe Trail while waiting for a friend to be ready to watch Drive. Santa Fe Trail has Ronald Reagan in it as a secondary character, and it's a pretty good movie. Sadly, my VHS had kind of stinky audio so it wasn't easy to understand what people were saying a lot of the time, but I got the jist. Drive was really good, I liked the quick and brutal action scenes! That's the kind of action I like. I wouldn't say John Drive is literally me, though. So it goes.

  I bought some dumbbells and I'm gonna try and keep myself to a schedule with them. I haven't been happy with my lack of working out for a while, and I intend to at least shave off some of this gut I've acquired. I also did a little piano stuff, learned to read and play Ode To Joy. I've been slacking off on it, though. Need to stop doing that!

  I got an early Christmas gift for a friend. It arrived in his mailbox ripped open so he didn't get to wait... he was really happy with it. Also, I've been remembering weird dreams, like I said on my profile, but I didn't get around to making a dream journal. I should stop not getting around to things. Like the Katamari shrine...

  Also, check out that new shirt I got in Things! Plus, my VHS collection. I didn't get around to adding everything I wanted there, I've got a lot of CD pictures and I should have compiled a lot of them in the same picture. Those will be coming onto the site next time.

  Anyways, that's all I've got for you this time. Thanks for reading!