january 1st 2023

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  Merry belated Christmas, happy belated New Years, and whatever else you celebrate, hope you enjoy/enjoyed it.

  I applied for a job. I think I did pretty well in the interview, but currently I'm a little confused, because they sent me a text about my Indeed application that I sent in and told me to choose a time the day after I'd be able to come in at, but I already did an interview... hope I didn't miss my chance. We'll see what happens.

christmas goodies  I honestly couldn't remember anything that happened between then and Christmas, even after Christmas. Maybe especially after Christmas. I made a cheesecake for the party we had, though. I got quite a few gifts. You can see most of them to the left, here. The cards are $50 and $25 respectively, the Glock keychain is a functional model with minor differences from minituraization, the grenade keychains are not functional, the magazines are from Palmetto State Armory and I'm curious to see how they run, the ration does not have brains in it, and the ammo can is full of soap and stuff. I forgot to include an ounce of silver I got. Also, my keyboard was a Christmas gift even though I got it way before. I got some clothes as well. Click to open in a new tab, as always. The pants are German surplus moleskin trousers.
more goodies more goodies more goodies more goodies more goodies

  The isopod is from a friend. I got it in the mail a bit before Christmas. He's really soft! He goes well with my anomalocaris plush.

  After that, I watched the Louis Wain movie from 2021 with a friend. I thought it started out pretty rough, but it got better towards the end, and ended up being pretty good. I didn't know anything about him before seeing the movie, and I had no idea that the cat on the Oingo Boingo shirt I got(which yes, it is just the cover of an EP) was a Louis Wain drawing. Along the same line of art, I suppose, is the fact I discovered some new music. My friend sent me this website called Every Noise At Once, which is a website which displays genres of music based on the Spotify API. I used it to sample some genres whose names piqued my interest and I found some more recent music that I quite enjoy! The song of this blog is from one such band, called Body Maintenance. I'm definitely going to be following them intently.

  On the 28th, Cat hosted a Warhammer 40k GURPS one-shot about the Siege of Vraks. We succeeded in clearing out the underground munitions complex we were tasked with sweeping, even against two Khornate Berzerkers(Space Marines, by the way) and an Aspiring Champion of Khorne. We used the environment to great effect in killing them, seeing as we were in a munition depot, and there were crates of 132mm shells for the Earthshaker artillery cannon. A massive piece of shrapnel literally decapitated the Aspiring Champion. In the end, we only lost two people out of about ten, and we killed many cultists and 3 Chaos Space Marines. Sadly, the Death Korps of Krieg do not come out of the Siege of Vraks well, irregardless of our victory. It was a fun one-shot, though!

  Then came New Years. I had quite a bit to drink and cemented my New Years resolutions. Let's hope I do them this time... also disappointed in myself for not keeping to my schedule with the dumbbells. I gotta try harder to keep to the schedule going forwards. I hope that in all you, Reader, feel the same about, you'll build yourself up and strike back with gusto. Let's make 2023 a good year! Thanks for reading!