january 16th 2023

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  Sorry I don't have much for you this week. After last blog, this must may be a little disappointing, but probably expected. Just winding down from the holidays.

  The hunt for new good music continues. Examine the song of this blog; they've got a more recent single that I wanted to put on here, but I couldn't find it besides on Youtube. Some other bands I've found are VR SEX, Outside World, Hierophants, and Second Still. It's fun to sift through music and look for stuff I like. I'm going to keep doing it. My poor phone is full to bursting with music, even with a 32 gig card in it.

  Just been playing more Valheim recently. A bit of Entity Researchers, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and Risk of Rain 2, but mostly Valheim. I played in the first session of an every-other-week WH40k GURPS game on the 3rd, and there's a new GURPS game that's going to have a reoccuring character in it. Haven't been working on anything myself.

  Haven't been doing much with the site, but I created a new page for recipes that I've been making and talking about. May put some pictures on there at some point. I give a personal two thumbs up to any recipes that I put on there, even though it's just got two things on it at the moment.

  Uhhh... I got some stuff I wanna post but I wanna save the reveal for when I actually get some pictures of it. I know one person who's really gonna like it, at least! Anyways, I guess that's really it. Hope you're doing well.