feburary 16th 2023

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  Hello. I am in Texas.

  In the 5 days before getting on the plane, I mostly ruminated on the flight, got all my stuff that I needed to take together, and waited. On the day of the flight, the 6th, I went to the airport, full of excitement and anticipation and all that jazz. I was, at first, confused on if I still had to talk to the desk people if I had a mobile boarding pass, but I figured it would be fine if I just walked through to security, and it was. I felt rushed in security, but it was fine. I did not care about getting felt up on. I was past security with more than an hour to spare, so I had lunch(which I had packed earlier) and waited.

  The plane ride was fun. I had not been on a plane since I was, at most, 10 years old. My neck was sore from looking out the window. A nice lady in the middle seat had a box of pizza and shared a piece with me. I had to use the bathroom in-flight, and I bonked my head getting up to do so. I also missed the door to the bathroom, because it did not look like a door to me at first glance. The flight made me sleepy.

  After landing in DFW, I got picked up by my friend who is a local. I was tired, but we had the time to go to Spec's. Spec's is like a department store but just for alcohol and a bit of fine cheese and stuff. I have never seen so much alcohol in one place before. We got some samplers because my friend had never had mixed drinks, and I wanted him to try a few. We retired to his apartment and slept.

  Come the 7th and 8th we didn't do that much, but I was still able to catch tabletop on the 8th. On the 9th, my friend took me to a good Japanese ramen, a thrift store(where I bought some good things, pics next update), the park, and an old ice cream place called Beth Marie's. And then, on the 10th, he took me to meet his parents on their land. We went shooting and had a good time! We stayed the night so on the 11th, we had breakfast at their place and then explored some smaller areas in North Texas, like Ben Wheeler and Edum. After that, we headed back home. We stopped at Burger Street on the way, which is a small chain similar to Checkers.

  We didn't do much on the 12th other than get Whataburger and watch Ghost in the Shell. Whataburger was fine, at least the burger was big. Nothing to write home about. On the 13th, my friend had to go to the post office to pick up a package, then we went to a random park and got Schlotzky's on the way back. Schlotzky's is kind of like Arby's, but the sandwich was really big and tasted better than Arby's. Then yesterday, on the 14th, we did a little thrifting which we only got one thing doing, and after that we went to a park trail some Blackland Prarie, which is a scarce and very fertile ecosystem only found in Northern Texas. We ended up spending quite a while on the trail, getting tired and mud on our shoes. We got back in time for tabletop gaming.

  Today, we went to another thrift store that wasn't open yesterday, and we got some more ice cream from Beth Marie's. We got back and did more tabletop gaming, and now I'm doing this and getting ready to leave tomorrow. I had a lot of fun and am kind of sad to have to leave. I know I'll be glad to be back home, though.

  Anyways, next time I update I'll have been back for less than two weeks because Feburary only has 28 days... I forgot that. Half-way into the month would have been the 14th. Oops. Whatever. I'll see y'all then.