feburary 28th 2023

album cover


  I was taking some time to settle being back home, so I didn't end up taking the pictures of things. Sorry. Also I just realized at the end of Feburary that I didn't put the Valentines Day banner up, but I was in Texas and I forgot to bring the image anyways, so even if I had remembered, I wouldn't have been able to get it on here. Oops!

  Since I've been back, I've been trying to get back into my routine. I've mostly gotten back into it... gaming hard has been cutting into some of it, though. My friend got me Deep Rock Galactic and I've been putting many hours into it, to the dismay of my sleep schedule. Rocker stone or whatever. It's a really good game, highly recommend it. I also played this silly game called Sewer Rave about a rat rave in a sewer. I beat it 100%(I think) in one sitting. Not very long, but fun.

  I've been having problems with Discord recently, the confounded app. It loves to crash when I right click or try to go into my settings, and sometimes channels freeze or are simply unable to load as well. I tried to "install" Fosscord, but it's a webapp, and after installing it I realized it was nowhere near being able to connect to Discord servers. The fact that there's no FOSS software that can connect to Discord and also doesn't have missing features or has completely different server organization(ripcord) infuraties me to no end. Why do people continue to bankroll the developers of this memory hogging spyware with extremely limited privacy settings and almost no customization, except through 3rd party apps(WHICH ARE AGAINST TOS LOL!), and arbitrary rules that make no sense and protect no one? Are cross-server emotes and one million gigashart upload limits worth it? It infuriates me to no end.

  Also, I think I might have screwed up half of the tapes I got from Texas by putting them next to some speakers on accident. Two of the ones that I was most excited to get were affected. Sucks! I'll still throw them up here, because it's still cool to have them, even if they're fucked... I also discovered that my other cassette player is a tape muncher, thankfully with my testing tape that I don't care about.

  I did get around to patching up some articles of clothing I had lined up for a while, though, which is good. It's been a while, and it was fun, even with all the broken thread and little pinpricks in my thumb. It makes me want to get a sewing machine, since my mom's had a problem and isn't very usable at the moment. I had seen some a few months ago at Goodwill and am kicking myself for not getting one that looked pretty nice. Old, but nice.

  Here, almost near the end, I'll do a bit of an addendum for the Texas trip; Buc-ee's is alright. It's a big gas station with an entire half of the building I did not even look at long enough to see anything over there. They have good glazed pecans, though, and I brought some pecan brittle back home.

  One of my best friends showed me the song on this blog. Hearing it for the first time I almost cried. That's all I've got for now. Til next time.