march 16th 2023

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  I'm not very mentally prepared to write a blog right now, but here goes.

  One of my friends got me Deep Rock Galactic and I've been playing a lot of that. Also been playing some L4D2 and some small games of CS:S and TF2. However, my computer has been taking constant shits and shutting itself off/freezing randomly. Probably something to do with the power supply. I can't replace it right now so I'm learning to cope and using superstition to try and mitigate the issue. As it stands, I can usually let the computer cool down and come back to it later.

  I went to a Korean BBQ and hot pot place with my family. It was very good. I got a pork bone broth which had (I think) seaweed and some kind of pale root vegetable slice. I put in pork belly, crab steak, beef meatball, beef tripe, shiitake mushrooms, and some spicy bulgogi pork loin. It was really good, and I enjoyed it down to the last sip of broth! I also had a Chinese "herbal drink" that was pretty good, and some kind of drink that had honey on the bottle but didn't taste very good. I also fried some pork belly and ate it right off the griddle. It was very fun and I enjoyed being able to make my own pot of stuff and drop a ramen noodle block in it. I hope to go again soon! Only downside is it's quite expensive.

  That issue I had with Discord stopped happening because of a BetterDiscord update, hooray. I still hate this app. An issue I was having a while ago but stopped having reappeared recently, where I'll randomly stop having any incoming audio from people in voice chat. I hate it. Perhaps along the same lines, I've switched from normal VSCode to VSCodium. Whereas VSCode as it comes from Microsoft is the vscode binaries(which are open-source under the MIT license) used in a program that is not open source and has telemetry, VSCodium is a version of VSCode compiled without any of that closed-source garbage. So that's a good thing regarding stupid software, at least.

  I haven't been paying much attention to the site, sadly. Over the past two days I've taken some photographs for the stuff page, but around when I started writing this blog, I remembered I had to do a characters update about a game that finished up around last update cycle... I just forgot to put it on the site. Sorry about that.

  I haven't been in the best mental state right now. Lots of things are happening in my personal life that have left me extremely stressed. A big stress creator is my own lack of employable skill and existential threat of needing to get a job. This and others, which I won't get into on here, have left me feeling depressed and sedentary. I don't use this as an excuse; rather, I just want to let anyone who cares to know in on it.

  Sorry to end the blogpost like that. I don't really like reading about other people's mental state, as it usually puts a hamper on me as well, but I hope you can bear with it. Anyways, that's all I've got for now. I'll try to put more into here, because I get a lot of out of the site. It's grown to be important to me, I think. I'm going to stop typing now before I get emotional thinking about that. See you later.