feburary 14th 2022

  You probably noticed the update on the first of the month. Surprise! Time for another. I did the banner, and you've seen that for a while; the last week or less of January was spent doing that, coding and making the banners. Since then, I fixed the little bounce that the banner loading in caused on the header. I also did a lot of other stuff, including a marquee that has tons of 88x31 buttons on it. That was a pain in the ass, having to come to terms with marquee element being outdated, then looking for one in js or css, until someone sent me the current one. It works well enough.

  New pages, edits, and such. Good stuff. The site is starting to feel like a site instead of a page. Thought I was going to have more to say about that, honestly.

album cover


  I've been climbing trees the past few days. I love to climb trees, have since I was a kid. I feel like climbing and swimming are the two most fun ways to get a form of exercise. I can't write right now, my head's all over the place it feels like. I didn't sleep last night, I slept from like 8 AM to 1 PM. Sorry if this is all over the place.

  Finally got into a new tabletop game. The setting is really weird... I really like it though. It's funky in all the right ways that tickle my fancy. Once the game is complete or dropped I'll fill out the thing in characters.html I have reserved for him.

  I got some variant of COVID, but I recovered after around two weeks. Mainly made me not want to do anything, the bastard virus. I woke up one day with a fever of 103.5 F, which was scary.

  Anyways, uhhh, this post is kind of short but I don't have much to write about right now. I'll populate things.html and stuff.html this cycle most likely. Hope you're all doing well.