feburary 28th 2022

  You probably didn't think this was gonna be here today. Surprise! Wait, I already did that... whatever. Here's the song.

album cover


  I've been working on a new project. It's something that anyone will be able to make with a pallets worth of wood, a drill, a saw, screws, and a ratchet strap. It's something I really need, too. Not done yet, but I learned already that a pallet is really hard to take apart, especially if it's been sitting and the nails have rusted... and you can't find a hammer. I also need to get some pictures for things.html, but I don't have access to a good camera that can do macro. It's gonna have to wait.

  Two weeks have passed since the last tabletop session, that makes two sessions. Real nice character development shit, stuff I never got to explore in earlier games. This is why I play normal-ish people, for them to DEVELOP, but my games have never been long enough for them to develop at all. Goldman is turning into something that isn't what he started out as, and I'm glad. Also, two players joined, and one didn't show, so he got the talking to by the GM. This particular player is the GM's ROLEPLAY PROTEGE, so he's trying to teach him how to be an active roleplayer instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching, then reacting once someone says "hey it's your turn"(this is how I used to be). Hope he becomes the Roleplay Master like GM hopes.

  I've been some work done this half-month. As you can see in the changelog, this blog post is coming with a small update. I've been adding button-links in links.html to sites that I like, check them out! I'm trying to get as many of my friends to get on making a website as I can, so expect the button area to get a lot bigger.

  Speaking of, how many people really use VSC to make a website like this? Seems like every site I go on has "made with notepad" or something I've never heard of. I like how convenient VSC is, it just goes a lot faster when you're not typing out the end of elements or all these indentations on the code and shit. Also it looks nice. If you look at my code, you'll see I use center, which is outdated, and that's the reason I use it; in VSC it has a nice red color that nothing else in the code has. It adds visual variety to my code in my editor. Also I can never remember how to center things in CSS, but that's totally not why I don't do that.

  Can you tell I'm starting to note things to write about in here down? This is much better than the last post, or any of the other ones honestly. Much more coherent, longer paragraphs. Stuff you can really bite into. I'm gonna keep doing this in the future. Like, hell, if I could keep this up every half a month, that would be a good pace. Now I'm just thinking with my keyboard. Completely unrelated; want to get candy cigarettes. You can't find them at grocery stores, but they are suprisingly not compeltely banned, because you can get them off of Amazon. I think as a kid I had one pack of Spiderman themed candy cigarettes, and that was it... but I want to get a cigarette holder and just put candy cigarettes in it. That's a really funny idea to me. While looking around a candy in general on Amazon, I found out you can get 5 pound blocks of fudge.

  Uhh... I think that's all I've got for now. Hope it's not too much of a word vomit string. Rock on, site-lookers.