march 16th 2022

  I forgot to do this yesterday, but good thing I can use the excuse that 16 is still TECHNICALLY half-way through a month with 31 days.

album cover


  No changes on the site getting construction.png to work. I had to leave it deleted for multiple days to be able to replace it. Stupid. Not sure what to work on now, because I can't really do anything with pictures until I get a good camera. Maybe I'll make word pages(like this) mobile-friendly. Maybe a guestbook.

  I've made the first version of the scrap wood vise, but I'm not happy with it. Got some design changes I made, need to make a second one. Otherwise, I'm borrowing a 3D printer right now, but I haven't done many prints with it, just a test print and then a hex key holder so far.

  A lot more interesting, in my opinion, is my efforts to try and rip models from PCSX2. A friend and I discovered that newer versions of PCSX2 render the screen flat, so we can't use new versions or else everything is flat. Which sucks, because I want to get models from We Love Katamari, which doesn't seem to work on older versions, it just freezes on the opening movie! Eugh. My friend was able to show that it is possible, though, with Destroy All Humans 2. Still needs work after you isolate the model, though. He's using RenderDoc with PCSX2 0.9.8, and then Blender to isolate what he's trying to extract. Need to put more thought and work into it, though.

  Been playing Dominions 5 mostly. I don't really want to play games unless I'm playing with other people now. Becoming a social creature... maybe. Still need to get all the roses in WLK.

  Yea. Not much to talk about right now, but it's coherent enough. Got a lot of stuff on my mind right now.

  Oh yea, my friend made a site.