march 31st 2022

  Wow, a lot happened in the past 15 days.

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  Where to begin? Hmm... how about the guestbook. Yes! A guestbook, on my site, RIGHT NOW. Go hog wild. Say you love this site, or you hate it, that would be really funny. Also, like it says on the page, if you have any experience with making HCB look good, hit me up please. I tried my best.

  My brother and I have been Goodwill hunting, and we found a karaoke machine recently. It has a small 5" black and white CRT and was manufactured 2007. When I first laid eyes on it, I knew instantly that I wanted to use it as an auxiliary screen. It takes composite, so I got one of those little HDMI to composite boxes, and since I don't have a spare HDMI port in the back of my computer, I got a cord that goes from displayport to HDMI. Sadly, the tube or the board for the tube is honestly quite fucked. V-hold and H-hold do barely anything. Repairing it is beyond me, at least at the moment. I'll probably look for one of those portable TVs, around 8" or so. Will probably have to get an RF to component converter, though. In any case, this thing works pretty well as a speaker, and it has a CD player on the top.

  A few things; got a shelf, and I was able to clean up my big desk and around my TV very well. Everything is able to be seen, which is how it should be. Also got a camera, just a little import piece of junk, but it should allow me to do take pictures of my stuff for things.html. I replaced the outlet my computer goes into, because it was really fucking annoying; one of the contacts on the inside of the top plug was bent out of shape, so it would lose connection at the slightest tap of the power cord. It was this garbage splice-type connector for the wires as well, so I got one that's screw in. It works and I didn't die.

  I got to test a game before release. It's on sale right now, so check it out!

  Last of all, I took a gamble and tried some Jarritos from the import section of Walmart. It's so fucking good, the grapefruit flavor blows Sprite AND Mello Yello out of the water. The tamarind flavor is interesting, never had tamarind fruit before. It's got a really genuine natural taste, even the fruit punch flavor. Good stuff, and cheap too.

  Quick follow-up, the PCSX2 model ripping fell through. Won't work with WLK, anyways. That's all for now.