april 18th 2022

  I was playing TTRPGs and doing other things to waste time instead of doing this. Sorry.

  Happy Easter. Even though I missed it. Fuck.

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  Not much I can remember from these two weeks. I'll be getting a free tablesaw soon. I got a new pistol. That's really it, honestly.

  I'll take this time to elaborate on something I just brushed past last month. The reason that I can't rip any models from We Love Katamari is the unseen face culling. This means that when the game is rendered, all faces that the player can't see are invisible, and this is to save processing power. Even with this system, the game can have some lagspikes on more active levels. Since what we're doing here is taking an ingame scene, after the unseen face culling has happened, we only get the faces that are facing the camera. We can't do much with that. We could take two snaps of the same character from two or three angles, but that requires knowing how to use Blender. I should learn how to use Blender nonetheless, but even then I might introduce some error. This means we'd basically have to do what noclip.site did and crack the whole game wide open(which they did for Katamari Damacy).

  My birthday is in about two months. I need to get the banner image for my birthday done at some point, and I'm going to set myself a goal to get it done before next blog.

  I guess that's really all I have for you this time. I guess these really small ones will happen sometimes.