april 30th 2022

  Hey. You come here often?

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  Got that tablesaw, turns out it doesn't work. Need to check out what's wrong. Expecting to need a new motor. It's an old one. Took one of the pieces of public works aluminum plate stock ;) and cut it to fit partway under my desk. It works well to keep my rug in place and my carpet without wheel wear.

  As far as technological pursuits, my uncle let me borrow(or have, not sure) this USB to Kenwood 2 pin cable, which is what lots of commerical handheld radios use. So I programmed my radio to have NOAA, EMS, fire department, and police department channels.

  I've been working on a tabletop setting with my friend. It's his baby, but I've been chipping in, bouncing ideas, and helping him document it. I've been having a good time getting ideas out for it, even if they bounce off. One such idea was the idea of "living mechanisms", basically like a golem but an entire mechanism or system, and it's controlled by voice or magical means. For example, a living mechanism gearbox would have a gear or other way of transmitting mechanical input on two sides. My idea was that the gear ratio is controlled by the spirit or whatever that is bound to the box, and you could ask it to raise or lower the gear ratio. I thought it was a cool and novel idea, but he didn't like it, and it's not my setting.

  Well, that's really it for these two weeks. I really need to find out a good way to put pages on here, because the loading time for the embeded songs is getting kinda long. I'll try and figure that out soon. Anyways, take care, everyone.