may 15th 2022

  Hello. Notice anything different?

album cover


  Yep. Cannibalized some JS from Bloktic's site that he uses for his comic(which you should check out) to make this little thing. I didn't do that much, so credit goes to him for it. I might switch it out at some point, maybe keep a 1-page blog but load the Youtube links some other way, or just have them hosted locally as .mp3 files. Dunno. I like how this looks, honestly.

  Was just at Goodwill today, got a DOT-rated motorcycle helmet and an unopened pack of 15 empty audio casettes. The helmet looks awesome; it's some brand called "Cyber" which I've never heard of before and which probably does not exist anymore. It came with a tinted face shield which is removable. Got it for 5 dollarydoos, which is a steal if you ask me, regardless of how probably ineffective the protection it would give you is; it looks cool.

  I'm fairly sure that Melting Point, one of the tabletop games I was in, is dead in the water now. Not sure on that one setting I was working on with Sif either, whether or not he wants to actually run it any time soon. He's doing a 200 point supers setting set in the DFW area during 2004, 4 years after a Y2K random super event happened, turning people into supers. I will play, and the first session is tomorrow as I write this. I'm also looking into Battletech, more specifically Megamek, but it's a lot to wrap my head around.

  Found some pearl sugar, or something similar at least, finally. Going to try the King Arthur Baking recipe for sweet pretzels. I'll let you know how they come out, next blog cycle. I'm eating some dried pineapple as I type this. It's really good. Something that's not really good is the 3D printer I have not working very well, I found the documentation and am going to troubleshoot a bit.

  Anyways, uhh. Yea that's all I have for this blog. Seeya!