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  Welcome to my site. Thanks for checking it out! I made this site kind of on a whim, but I've been nurturing it into a personal site where I can dump my thoughts, express my interests, and document my material possessions. My blog, some of my projects, my things, and my various tabletop characters can be found here at the moment. If you like it, sign my guestbook, if you would be so kind!


  I'm not going to tell you my real name. My online alias is mr pibb, but I prefer pibb. I'm a guy from South Carolina who wishes it was colder. I was born June 29th, 2001. If you wonder what such a person could look like, here's a meme that shows some of my skin.

  I like to play vidya, oogle over guns, listen to old people music, collect militaria, and sometimes even go outside. I have an interest in making things, whenever I get around to it. I like to draw a bit, but I'm not very good at it. I don't pay attention to sports much at all, but I'm named after two hockey players, and believe that hockey is the best sport bar none. I'm also a tabletop game player, mostly GURPS.

  "Old people music?", you may ask. Well, here's a tenative top band 5 list, in no particular order.

  Anyways, lots of random things about me; I'm a gun rights advocate, but I don't like to get into politics. I have been banned from Twitter multiple times and can't make an account anymore without it getting suspended instantly. I used to drink coffee, but now I drink tea because I didn't like the toilet catastrophe I made every day afterwards. My computer isn't very good. I like to bake. I've seen snow two or three times in my life, and I'd really like it if it snowed more here. Speaking of, I really like the cold... fits that I like jackets as well. I don't really like 4chan, or Reddit for that matter. I've had a hard time talking to people I don't know all my life, but I'm getting better about it. I like my hair. I am near-sighted, do wear glasses, but HATE plastic frame glasses, they look stupid on 99% of people. I like most kinds of art, and I mean real art, not a banana taped to the wall. I don't sleep too well. I have a weird fascination with candy cigarettes. I've always liked to write, doesn't mean I've ever been good at it. I wish I had some flat ground to skate on around here, so I could rollerskate or skateboard. I wish cars never became amorphous blobs, and I really like boxy hatchbacks or wagons. I wish you could still get Keebler Danish wedding cookies from the store, but I'm glad I can just make them . I wish I had more ideas for the site, and more stuff to populate it with. I wish more people made sites; seriously, it's easy, and I hope this site makes you want to make your own(if you haven't already!).

  Here's some blinkies.

  Thanks for reading about me. If you want to contact me, use the Neocities comment thing, I guess.