my tabletop characters

  Decided all my unused tabletop characters can get dropped here and remembered by more than just my computer's RAM and myself.

gurps 4e

  I really like GURPS as a system. A lot of people don't like it because it's a lot to keep track of. Only had a "complete" one-shot so far.


  This one barely counts. One session of a memey not-Lifeweb setting. Was my first GURPS game though. Mixed TL, anywhere from TL2 to TL9.

Dichard Rick; LITERALLY a SS13 character insert. Sherrif with a Model 29.

John; Just a skeleton with a crossbow and a blackjack.

hyperborian mice

  Basically, in a clearing and part of a forest, an entire society of rodents flourishes, constantly scuffling with other animals, like owls and bobcats.
One-shot game to learn GURPS. Sif was GMing. It was fun, and I learned a lot from it. TL2.

Gus Hardstone; A merrymaking grey common mouse that loves to party and fancies fisticuffs. A smith by trade, usually doing armor repair. He used a cestus and a katar in real battles, which didn't really work out too well, even though the idea is cool as fuck in my head.

William; Unfinished warrior mouse I made, can't remember if Sif told us to make them or I just did it on my own. No backstory, just a shotel-wielding shield-boasting mouse.

sif detective setting

  Late Victorian-esque with magic and laser flintlocks instead of gunpowder firearms. Also had obligitory cutebolds. I imagined it somewhat similar to Disco Elysium. I'll just link to the document here. TL5, spilling into TL6.
Sadly it only lasted a few sessions. What we did play was pretty fun, though.

Adam Glass; A born thief turned detective. It all went wrong when the the lady of the manor he was pilfering found him, and he lost more than just a payday. This was in Setting Germany so he fled to Setting Britain and became a detective, where his breaking and entering skills came in handy. He is a klepto when it comes to expensive things, he is kind of afraid of monsters, and he sleeps for a long time. He pulled all his cards to get an advanced vest of pouches, known as a "web gear", which he hid under his leather coat. He had a laser derringer if things got dirty, but his main weapon was a blackjack used with brawling. The campaign was not combat-oriented, being actual detectives, and he was a fair detective; never got to use his skills as an entry specialist, though. I really liked him as a character, even though he was quite reserved, like Guy.


  Hard to explain. Kind of like Cruelty Squad and Brave New World. Imagine an apocalypse but the status quo survived...? I don't know. Hard to explain. all I know for sure is that we HAVE to save Big Jim's Titty Bar in Dish, Texas.

Richard Goldman; Fallen from grace officeworker who was divorced by his wife and fired for taking days off to situate it. In the game he got mad because of Bad Temper and shot a guy who was trying to train the mentally handicapped to overthrow the government. Then he became depressed and slept in an old Firebird. Not much else, honestly.


  Supposed to be a basic fantasy setting for Hed(running superamerica) to pad out when we don't have enough people for superamerica. Not very standard though. If you try to start an empire or subjugate people with a standing army, you get owned by the god that had people grind up elves and shit for their essence to make the world a better place or something.

Christophe Alacander Bertrant Soliloquy Archemorus IIVI; What a name, right? ...wait [REDACTED, GAME IN PROGRESS]

melting point

  Low sci-fi set on Mars. Think Firefly but just on the red planet. Sif original setting with obligatory cutebolds(turned into something that makes sense). I don't want to go super long-winded on here about it, so here's the document. TL8 and 9 for most folk, domers dip into some TL10 stuff.


y2k supergame

  Sif setting set in the Dallas Fort Worth area in 2004, 4 years after some event which made comicbook logic real. PCs are street-level supers working for the government to put down/take in those who use their powers against civilians.


shadowrun 5e

  This is the first tabletop game I played, in a high school afterschool club. Since then, I've played some online games, which never finished. The IRL one was finished, but I missed the session where they went into the final mission.

high school campagin

  My aforementioned first tabletop game. Used a combination of Chummer5 and paper sheets.

Rodney McMillian, Codeslick; My first tabletop character, ever, was a SR5e decker. Sure, 5e matrix is super dumbed down, but MAN that was a dumb idea. Thankfully, one of our players was a technomancer and I just stayed in meatspace with my meagre SMG skill and an Uzi. He got abudcted into a gang young, became a gang pet decker, but left eventually. He had a different backstory when I played him; born off the books by parents off the books, he had to work young. I think the newer one is more interesting. Like I said before, missed out on the last mission, so he just... disappeared, I guess.

Istvan Borislav, Tuff Stuff; Troll street samurai for the game that almost happened after the one Rodney was in. Russian meatwall with an LMG, a shotgun, and two cyberarms, ready to give you new holes. Went through the meet-up session with him, then the GM graduated I think.

bargin campagin

  One or two sessions and then GM wanted it to be V:TM, so I dipped.

Dan McMillian, Rooty Tooty;

  Brother of Rodney, street samurai, did not get abducted into the gang that his brother did, instead joined a PMC. He retired, but he was still looking for jobs when campaign start. He shot a flare at a boarded up gang-house window, that's all I can really remember.

td campagin

  Not even a session, the server we were in imploded and the GM was busy so it dropped.

Samuel Lynch,1-800-FSTMAGE; Hermetic street mage with an armored and submersible amphibous SAAB Dynamit. I thought the concept was really funny. He probably would have been a combat medic mainly, though. The Dynamit was really expensive, so I gave him tons of cash. He had the bugs spell. Not much else to say.

senior campagin

  One or two, maybe three sessions. We had a base in Redmond and a Johnson but that was about it.

Rueben Hayes, V-Man; A rigger with a lavishly-modified GMC Universe for driving and living and a Chuck Wagon that houses a Direktionssekretar that runs a food truck for Rueben. In addition to the fancy German hunk, he has a Duelist with two swords and a smartgun in the chest, as well as a group of smaller drones, including one that he houses in one of his eyesockets. Overall, standard rigger with the bog standard mechanic/gear repair side hustle. Backstory wise, he was a dumpster baby that got adopted by a chop shop in the middle of ganger frontlines, and he escaped in an uparmored van to live a mostly normal, quasilegal life for a few years as a mechanic, and then with the Crash, a rigger. Probably my most thought out Shadowrun character. Shame he only really got to ferry the group to the base in Redmond.

d&d 5e

  Since getting GURPSpilled, I've considered this a noob system. Would only go back for a really good setting. No complete campaigns.

sif fantasy setting

  Fairly standard fantasy setting. Humanity is young, and only one region has real civilized human folk, impending invasion from the hobgolbins to the north, orcs and goblins worship a god of pillaging and looting, underground dwarves, that kind of stuff. Also obligatory cutebolds. Document.
First game I played with Sif GMing. I was quiet through most of it, having made a quiet character, but also because I was nervous. Still had a good time. Made me want to play more tabletop. A nice handful of sessions, and we did stop seething nature fellows from taking over the world, but it ended on the gang floating away from the underground dock of a dwarf city.

Guy Carmicheal; Quiet hunter. Doesn't talk much. Parents murdered by orcs, he becomes an assassin, gets set up and flees to campagin start location, etc. Pale white skin, black shaggy hair, dirty look all around. Green clothes. Uses a longbow and has a shortsword for backup. Fairly standard ranger stuff. I had no idea that ranger in 5e is actually more magic-oriented, though, so he kinda sucked. Shoulda been a rogue or fighter. Live and learn. He also exposed my desire to play mostly normal characters.

Demuln; A back-up character for if Guy died. A bronze spartoi, he came out of a clay pot and joined the spartoi nation infantry and eventually became an officer in charge of a small squad. He didn't like commanding other spartoi, so he left. Wanderlust took him to campagin area. He was a fighter weapon master that liked painting and fine woodwork. Never used him, so I have no idea if he was good or not. Definitely a much bolder character than Guy, wonder how I would have played him if Guy died at that time.

cat japanese setting

  Japanese-based setting, including real folklore. I'm not going to try to pinpoint when during the Fuedal Age it was based off of exactly, but there were tanegashima, which is a kind of matchlock firearm from Japan.
Cat GM'd this one. Died after a session or two.

Nobushiro Omoikani-ki; A shironata that has left the tribes to learn about the other races and report back. Very interested in everything but the tribes. He does not trust anyone outside of his tribe, though, so he needs to do battle and forge a bond that way. He used a huge naginata, and being a shironata, he fights with it in an alien way. Cat had a homebrew class for the shironata way or whatever it was, which was a class of fighter. He killed a few people, which I count as a win. This race was basically the "very weird guy" race, and I decided to try it out. Shironata are supposed to speak really weird, and trying to emulate what I thought was what they sounded like was probably cringe looking back.