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  Welcome to my site. Thanks for checking it out! This site contains my blog, where I will write about what's going on in my life a bit. It also contains some projects that I've done, stuff I made, stuff I own, etc. Having a website has always been this mythical thing to me that I could have never imagined, but once I realized HTML wasn't very hard, I just went for it. I hope this site becomes a frequently visited page for at least one of you!


  You can call me mr pibb, or pibb. I like to play vidya, oogle over guns, listen to music, collect militaria, and sometimes even go outside. I'm interested in how things work, and I love to look at machines and mechanisms. I like to draw a bit, and I like hockey(best sport ever). Sadly, I live in South Carolina, so I would have to go to the Ice Palace in Charleston to do any ice skating. I'm also a tabletop player, or I would be if any campaigns I joined tended to survived past inception.

  Some of my favorite games are We ♥ Katamari, Fallout: New Vegas, F.E.A.R., Hylics 2, Disco Elysium, Morrowind, and 7,62 High Calibre. Not a definitive list by any means, or in any particular order. I played all the Playstations growing up, PS1-3. My favorite was the PS2. I play on the PC almost 100% of the time nowadays, and that started around 2009(..? can't remember) when I got access to the computer. It was flash games or Roblox only at that point. I made my Steam account August of 2012. I mainly played TF2, Garry's Mod, and New Vegas. Good times. Over time, I did as most do and bought lots of games but never played them for various reasons. Now, I spend too little time actually playing games. I need a gaming schedule or something. In any case, I need to play more games.

  My favorite music genre has to be new wave, but I'm also an enjoyer of punk rock, alternate rock, prog rock, a lil indie, older country, big band, beat, jazz, jazz fusion, bossa nova, lounge, italo disco, eurodance, and some forms of electronic or techno. I listen to mainly Shoutcasts on Winamp currently. No, I wasn't born in the wrong generation; how would I find most of this stuff without a computer? I don't think all new music sucks, anyways.

  Speaking of generation, I was born June 29th, 2001. Gen Z, more like...
I dunno. Anyways, lots of random things about me; I'm a gun rights advocate, but I don't like to get into politics. I have been banned from Twitter multiple times and can't make an account anymore without it getting suspended instantly. I used to drink coffee, but now I drink tea because I didn't like the toilet catastrophe I made every day afterwards. My computer isn't very good. I like to bake. I've seen snow two or three times in my life, and I'd really like it if it snowed more here. Speaking of, I really like the cold... fits that I like jackets as well. I don't really like 4chan, or Reddit for that matter. I've had a hard time talking to people I don't know all my life, but I'm getting better about it. I like my hair. I am near-sighted, do wear glasses, but HATE plastic frame glasses, they look stupid on 99% of people. I like most kinds of art, and I mean real art, not a banana taped to the wall. I don't sleep too well. I have a weird fascination with candy cigarettes. I've always liked to write, doesn't mean I've ever been good at it. I wish I had some flat ground to skate on around here, so I could rollerskate or skateboard. I wish cars never became amorphous blobs, and I really like boxy hatchbacks or wagons. I wish you could still get Keebler Danish wedding cookies from the store, but I'm glad I can just make them. I wish I had more ideas for the site, and more stuff to populate it with. I wish more people made sites; seriously, it's easy, and I hope this site makes you want to make your own.

  Here's some blinkies.

  Thanks for reading about me. If you want to contact me, use the Neocities comment thing, I guess.