my tabletop characters

  Tabletop characters, used an unused, and some stuff about the systems, settings, and campaigns they were in(or supposed to be in).

gurps 4e

  I really like GURPS as a system. A lot of people don't like it because it's a lot to keep track of. It's what I've played the most of.


  This one barely counts. One session of a memey not-Lifeweb setting. Was my first GURPS game though. Mixed TL, anywhere from TL2 to TL9.

Dichard Rick; LITERALLY a SS13 character insert. Sherrif with a Model 29.

John; Just a skeleton with a crossbow and a blackjack.

hyperborian mice

  Basically, in a clearing and part of a forest, an entire society of rodents flourishes, constantly scuffling with other animals, like owls and bobcats.
One-shot game to learn GURPS. Sif was GMing. It was fun, and I learned a lot from it. TL2.

Gus Hardstone; A merrymaking grey common mouse that loves to party and fancies fisticuffs. A smith by trade, usually doing armor repair. He used a cestus and a katar in real battles, which didn't really work out too well, even though the idea is cool as fuck in my head.
  In this campaign, we fought a weird little magic puppet guy. I can't remember much else.

William; Unfinished warrior mouse I made, can't remember if Sif told us to make them or I just did it on my own. No backstory, just a shotel-wielding shield-boasting mouse.

sif detective setting

  Late Victorian-esque with magic and laser flintlocks instead of gunpowder firearms. Also had obligitory cutebolds. I imagined it somewhat similar to Disco Elysium. I'll just link to the document here. TL5, spilling into TL6.
Sadly it only lasted a few sessions. What we did play was pretty fun, though.

Adam Glass; A born thief turned detective. It all went wrong when the the lady of the manor he was pilfering found him, and he lost more than just a payday. This was in Setting Germany so he fled to Setting Britain and became a detective, where his breaking and entering skills came in handy. He is a klepto when it comes to expensive things, he is kind of afraid of monsters, and he sleeps for a long time. He pulled all his cards to get an advanced vest of pouches, known as a "web gear", which he hid under his leather coat. He had a laser derringer if things got dirty, but his main weapon was a blackjack used with brawling. The campaign was not combat-oriented, being actual detectives, and he was a fair detective; never got to use his skills as an entry specialist, though. I really liked him as a character, even though he was quite reserved, like Guy.
  What happened in this campaign was us getting settled into our lodgings in Port Kerrigan and doing a(one) case, which involved a nerdy guy using dark magicks to turn himself into a big buff guy. In order to maintain this state, though, he had to eat a lot, and kind of broke into the butcher shop to sate his hunger. We arrested him successfully. Campaign ended there because Sif was kind of eclectic at this point, not focusing enough on one thing to see it through before starting something else.
Here's character art of him that a friend of mine drew. Thanks, Memager.

sif detective setting, redux

  Sif wanted to run this game again but decided to redo the setting. Now it's TL6. The relevant area is Tomilar, which has just gone through a civil war, which was then interrupted by the Rationality of Tomilar, an extranational puppet company similar to the East India Trading Co. run by Pectlan Consensus. I'll just slap the setting document here.

Adam Glass; Yes, I brought him into the new one. In this rendition he was an Ulfish(German) career thief that fled to Tomilar to avoid prosecution in his home state of Hrennenberg-Balcsen. He compulsively stole valuable things and, though he spoke Pectlish, he could not read or write it. He also liked coffee. Upon arriving, he was introduced to the chief and then the other players, who had already done a session before Adam arrived.
  The first assignment which Adam was there to participate in started as investigating some broken-into houses, damaged by war, but owned by the government. The houses had copper pipes ripped out of the wall, and it turned out they were being stolen by some kids living in a cave on the shore. The group debated on what to do with them as we tried to figure out who they were working for.
  We ended up unravelling a smuggling operation which was delivering stolen goods(including those pipes)to a freeport on a small island off the coast of Tomilar. We raided the small port from which goods were transported, by raft, to a larger ship, used the raft to get to said larger ship, then sailed back to shore with charts of the freeport and some smugglers in captivity.
  After that success, we kept the ball rolling and raided the freeport itself, with the help of a local fisherman and two beat cops. One of the detectives broke their hand when it was slammed into by a large goon. The head of the operation was a slippery goblin by the name of Mama, and she played with us as we attempted to give chase, using the shallow water surrounding the island to hide as she popped up to take pot shots every so often. Another investigator was tagged a few times, but Adam took a shot and hit the brain. She had a very nice obrez'd rifle.
  All things considered, we came out of it very well. However, we got suspended because of obviously false allegations of misconduct from a wealthy technocrat. We had to turn in our service weapons and badges, and we set off to try and prove that the allegations were fake with the help of a secret service lady. We surveiled the guys home and work, and Adam took up an illegal job which turned out to be a trap. Adam was stabbed in the vitals and was put out of the resulting fight, but one of the hitmen was captured and questioned. He let us know about a warehouse he was tasked with defending, and gave us a key.
  We went at night to the warehouse and broke in, subduing the only guard defending it. Inside was a chained and locked door, many locks standing between us and whatever was inside. Adam and another of the investigators set off, unlocking all of the locks in record time. Inside, alchemical equipment... owned by a technocrat. Something was going on! But there was also gold bars, so Adam snatched one sneakily, letting everyone else take them with less tact. He also got shot and put out of the fight again. This time, it was drugged up assassins with high tech weaponry, automatic crank-gun laser rifles. One was almost caught alive, but bit cyanide instead.
  We had received a note prior to meet someone at midnight, so off we went; the secret service lady sat, injured, in a field of dead or dying assassins. She told us to get to the lighthouse-chapel, because that's where the technocrat guy was making his last stand against the police. The nice lady gave us drugs, one of which Adam took and felt revitalized, the blue one. She let us know where a boat was and off we went. The boat had a frag grenade, a flashbang, and some coffee, which Adam downed as quickly as possible.
  Arriving there to the small island on which the chapel/lighthouse was built, we encountered two beat cops, one injured and dying in front of the door. After getting into position, we killed everyone in the chapel area, Adam making sure to execute any survivors. He was not happy about being framed, and he wanted to make that rich technocrat bastard suffer. One of the investigators took a red vial, which turned out to be speed, allowing for twice as much stuff to be done in the same amount of time.
  We shot our way up to the top of the lighthouse, stomping stairs and spooks. We made it to the top, where the technocrat had been running, and we arrived to see him about to jump. He threatened us to stay back and then deliberated on his plans gone sour before being blasted into superheated plasma.
  Fast forward to a week or two after the chapel incident, everyone has mostly recovered. We are back at the station, having a meeting with the chief. He tells us he can't reinstate us as investigators because he's been reassigned to create a 'major crimes unit' and no longer has the authority. We're told to keep what happened on that night to ourselves. After the chief leaves his former office, that nice lady shows up again and gives us tickets for a boat that leaves in a few hours, because we've also been reassigned. She disappears and the group sits there and plans their next actions, filing out of the office as credits roll.
  It was a really fun campaign! I was glad to get to develop Adam more as a character, and the pulpy mystery had me getting slapped in the face a few times.


  Hard to explain. Kind of like Cruelty Squad and Brave New World. Imagine an apocalypse but the status quo survived...? I don't know. Hard to explain. all I know for sure is that we HAVE to save Big Jim's Titty Bar in Dish, Texas.

Richard Goldman; Fallen from grace officeworker who was divorced by his wife and fired for taking days off to situate it. In the game he got mad because of Bad Temper and shot a guy who was trying to train the mentally handicapped to overthrow the government. Then he became depressed and slept in an old Firebird. Not much else, honestly.


  Was supposed to be a filler setting as a stopgap for Superamerica, but I've found myself getting much more invested in this, and Hed just keeps running it, so I'm gonna keep playing it. A somewhat grim fantasy setting with undead which come from the now suppressed Human Empire, the same which would bathe steel in the blood of fey to make His Wretched Alloy, create artefacts using the blood of any non-human race, and subjugate all other races. The common man does not have to worry about this, for the most part, and generally good lifes are lived.

Christophe Alacander Bertrant Soliloquy Archemorus IIVI; What a name, right? A free knight of Wem, which deserves a little explaination, I think. Basically, since standing armies(really, any group of over 16 people) going around and forcing their will on others is seen as a taboo, Wem is a powerhouse for producing very strong heroes, and these heros, in small groups, then enact the will of Wem on surrounding villages and towns. Anyways, Christophe was a Wemish knight, clad in plate, with a greatsword, and riding a horse(because he's a knight and knights ride horses). He was a noble-blooded man as well, being a connoisseur of fine art, wine, and song, and a frequent face at meetings of posh individuals.
  Can you tell I liked this character yet? The objective of the campaign was to get the gems from a tomb of an old Human Empire(the aforementioned grinders of elves and shit). We cleared the cave what which housed it easily, encountering a fellow along the way which was a sort of angel to his god that was opposed to the god of the Human Empire. However, we had a little gnome that kept insulting him until he attacked us. Hed said he would have helped us, too.
  So we missed out on that. Then we got into the tomb itself and it's full of undead Human Empire fucks. One of them has a trumpet that a few of the party get pretty bad disadvantages from like Paranoid, Phantom Voices, and Epilepsy. I almost get overwhelmed fighting skeletal troops, but we make it out alive. That got us one of two keys to open the tomb of the Lieutenant.
  Then, we head into the library. A floating halloween costume bedsheet floats around, one of our guys runs up and tries to hit it, he has his heart sucked out instantly. Another guy dies before Christophe notices a book in one of the shelves, "A Key in the Darkness". He climbs the bookshelf, rips it out onto the floor, and the second key is indeed in there. The spectre, known as the Bookkeeper, is now standing at the entrance, requesting me to leave my two remaining companions to die.
  But he doesn't just stay there, of course. He pops through the wall and gets the gnome in an agonized state, then paralyzes Christophe's leg. He falls to the ground. The satyr shaman, who is paranoid from the trumpet guy, takes the key off the gnome, who had picked it up from the book, and he runs to the door. The ghost of the first guy to die comes back for a second to buy him time.
  Christophe is crawling towards the Bookkeeper, then standing up and running, screaming, trying to take it down, or at least distract it. For his troubles, his spine is removed, and he flops to the ground again, foaming at the mouth. The gnome teleported out of the room already, but for some reason blinked back in, and the satyr manages to use the second key to open the door and get both of them out.
  A final offer from the Bookkeeper; take them down and become an undead warrior. Blink twice for yes. Christophe is grimacing as much as he can, his teeth covered with foam, tears streaming down his face. He stares. His eyelids flutter, but never shut. He thinks of a vast underground cavern, brightened from a massive fireball on the ceiling, full of grapevines, and those grapevines full of little orbs of purple ambrosia. He can see, to the side, an orderly row of wooden tubs, and he can see the freshly stomped-out fluid, sucking in color at the edges of the deep violet pool, and eminating a sickeningly sweet aroma. And he thinks of the coffin this fluid will be laid to rest in, for many years. And he thinks of the one which has laid for long enough, and now shall rise again. He is looking at the barrel, he can feel the barrel. He is opening the barrel, taking the bung out of its hole, like a book out of its shelf. He can smell it, but he wafts his hand above the hole, to get a bigger helping. The aroma is familiar, sweet and bitter and sour dancing in a vortex, swaying around each other, combining into a single scent - no, a sensation. He feels the scent dance up his nostrils, falling into his throat and sliding to the back of his tongue. He can taste it. It's wonderful.

Jalmeck Ironfinger; A Bronze Dwarf of the tropical dwarf hold Kûbukoltar, he traveled to the Keep on the Hjorterlands in search of riches and glory in killing the Mage Eater. This started out with the journey from a well known dwarf hold, famous for its skill in enchanting. One ally, another dwarf, was an Iron Dwarf from a much more advanced hold. He died on the first engagement, which was on the bridge into the keep, from a lack of support. Jalmeck tried to save him, though. Anyways, Jalmeck took the opprotunity to utilize the dead fellow's equipment to the benefit of the party.
  After coming in, they realized the explosives that the now dead dwarf had brought pretty much cleared out anyone on this upper level of the keep. The party slept and, in the middle of the night, a very skilled swordsman started making racket from further inside the keep, which was locked. One of the party, an orc, seemed to be particularly entranced in the act of sleeping so as to remain sleeping, even after the individual had woken the rest up, and the rest had moved on to another sleeping spot. At that moment, the swordsman decided to strike, and take the orc's life. He was killed without the rest of them seeing it happen, and the fight to try and take out the swordsman was kind of pathetic.
  The party wisely decided they needed to seek further help, as there were only four of them left. A quick description of each; Faridoon was what is known as a Toissant, they are feeble but tall folk that live in the desert. He's a skilled mage. Hunkard was a half giant, one that loved to mine. Boscard was a mercenary human, with shield and mace in hand. The two that had died were Hurmund the dwarf and Wutgarek the orc. As they went back to the dwarf hold, they were helped by the enchanters with enchantments, expectedly, but also a new party member, Grendle the human. He used a whip and drank his fill of any alcoholic beverage available. With their enchanted weapons, a fancy dwarvern ax, supplies, and a new adventurer, they traveled back to the keep.
  The way down had been unlocked after they came back, so they tentatively walked down. To the left, they found a trapped room where the door locked and the room started to fill with wine. Jalmeck had studied the stuff from Hurmund's pack for a while and discovered how to use his explosives beforehand, so he used the TNT that Hurmund had packed to full effect, blowing the door down. Then, the other way was a tunnel of magic homing arrows triggered by where you stepped. After that was a maze that a hobgoblin had been fucking with us in, so we came back to it a day later and took him out.
  At the end of the maze, we found a door which we unlocked with a key we had found eariler, behind which was another door that Jalmeck decided to stuff with thermite(he had no idea what it did at the time). They could hear the Gaol, the talented swordsman, behind the door, and as it opened, the body of Wutgarek was shoved into a massive hole. A massvie ogre, about the size of Hunkard, also came to face them. After a scuffle with the Gaol which ended with Faridoon removing some of his skull with his staff from behind, the ogre was tricked into eating one of Hurmund's grenade by, again, Faridoon. Sadly, Grendle's whip had broken in the battle, and he picked up an axe from a dead orc.
  A short conversation with a troll that lost faith in the Mage Eater and a walk through the peaceful, grassy nook he tended, it was time to face the Mage Eater. However, after lowering the three gates, the thing they encountered was a female looking statue, full of dust. After they damaged it enough, it exploded. A short look around the room made it obvious the Mage Eater was absolutely rich.
  But the time for selling all that stuff and counting coins was not at hand yet! It was time for the real fight between the party and the Mage Eater. Jalmeck and Faridoon had prepared a satchel full of TNT and grenades to throw at the Mage Eater as an opener of sorts. It ultimately failed. Many grenades and shells from Jalmeck's(formerly Hurmund's) shotgun were wasted until it was realized that the buckshot was much more effective on an opponent like the Mage Eater who can teleport away when attacked.
  With the Mage Eater taken care of, the party was now rich. Jalmeck asked his friends and family of Kûbukoltar and was half forced to leave on a ship to find greener pastures. He left with a military writer named Kograk to establish a colony in the name of Kûbukoltar, technically. He invited Hunkard and Faridoon, who brought refugees from his homeland. They will live on different islands, hidden for the most part, but one island will be entirely dedicated to exchange of culture between dwarves and toissant. Attempts will be made for humans to come to the islands.
  UPDATE: It's confirmed that Jalmeck has married and had kids. Also, currently, Hurmundcannons are being exported to the mainland.

melting point

  Low sci-fi set on Mars. Think Firefly but just on the red planet. Sif original setting with obligatory cutebolds(turned into something that makes sense). I don't want to go super long-winded on here about it, so here's the document. TL8 and 9 for most folk, domers dip into some TL10 stuff.

Tup; A meki from one of the cities neard the equator, if I recall correct. He's a mechanic and general handyman with a bit of shooting experience. He decided he should get a move on from his home and ended up on a crawler with the rest of the party, which was another meki, a few humans, a dustlander, and a robot. The game started with the crawler getting ambushed, the drivers killed and the cargo hold destroyed; luckily, the personnel compartment was unharmed.
  After finding the bandits that ambushed the crawler and taking care of them, the party found themselves in the dunes of Mars at night, so they walked towards the nearest light source. It was a bandit camp, probably the one the bandits that had ambushed the crawler were from! Once again, we took care of them. Tup got a chest full of buckshot near the end, but thankfully, his SlugSafe armor jacket saved him, ceramic dust and bits trailing him as he headed for a bed to rest in.
  A good sleep later and the party was back on the move. They headed toward a town of scrappers, which they arrived at in the evening(again, if I recall correctly) and secured lodging for the night. The next few days were spent doing some jobs, first of which was helping the meki owner of a local repair store get his son off the popular game Hailer 4 and getting some on the job experience. That young mekis name was Glay, and we took him to the gun store and let him shoot a bit in the range. We also took him on all of the jobs after that, which were two bounty hunting jobs and storming an illegal drug operation in the junk heap in the middle of the town.
  That raid was something else; one of our players, the robot, had On The Edge, so he was obliged to kick the door open of a cooking building and fire his big honking revolver at the most explosive thing in the room. The entire building exploded, leaving everyone inside evaporated, the robot in pieces, and almost everyone else in the party injured, including Tup. Also, it alerted the other two or three buildings full of people to our presence. Other than that, we made out pretty well, though. Glay killed someone! Yippie!
  That meki repair shop would be able to repair our robot companion, but they also had a lead on a way out, another sandcrawler that we could buy. After helping with his son, the owner let us in on their side business, which was arms dealing and gunsmithing. They let us have one modification on a weapon for free, and we also bought some high performance cartridges for our guns there.
  With the cash we had gotten from our stay at that town, we bought the sandcrawler, and that's where that campaign ended, sadly.
  However... Sif is planning on doing another campaign in this setting as a stopgap until he can host Cyberpunk 2020, and Tup may return.
  Sif also drew a picture of him, thanks Sif!

y2k supergame

  Sif setting set in the Dallas Fort Worth area in 2004, 4 years after some event which made comicbook logic real. PCs are street-level supers working for the government to put down/take in those who use their powers against civilians. TL8.

Wilson Hardee; Plano lineman that had the entire powergrid go through him and became an electromagnet because of it. He could walk on air and land from falls safely via magnetic means, could use telekinesis on ferrous metal objects, had an extended frequency sight range, had telescopic and microscopic vision, could see through all but ferrous metal for half a foot, and by the end of the campaign, he could hear radio broadcasts in his head. Despite all this stuff, only the former two powers really helped at all. His main superpower was the shotgun(later AR-15 after the AWB dropped).
  What happened this campaign was that the BAA(Bureau of Anomolous Americans), a federal institution, was formed to fight fire with fire regarding supers, because the normal cops can't really do much about them. We did some jobs but then uncovered a conspiracy involving torpedo supers being used in crimes. We investigated it and discovered we could hire one ourselves, which we could implant our body-stealing ghost player into.
  We got a call from what we thought was the director of the BAA that the governor's office was under attack, so we went and pacified terrorists on the first and second floors. The third floor, however, we were attacked by a group of supers, one of them able to disguise and imitate the voice of multiple people. He was pretending to be the governor, and was probably the one that called us pretending to be the director. Anyways, we killed or arrested all but the shapeshifter, and we had to deal with some riots that had popped up.
  After that, the BAA was kicked out of Texas and the BAA director paid us $8000 to investigate what the new state institution, the Lone Star Rangers, was up to. Then he hightailed it out of there. We got together most of the former BAA supers and did, in fact, investigate the Monsanto office which the Rangers were operating out of. We went in the daytime to try and join, but they didn't want anything to do with us, so we went in the night.
  We had a little rat fellow from the former BAA and our invisible fairy take out some guards and our drunken hobo sleuthed in(because no one questions a guy with a clipboard) and got some pictures. After our success, we called the director to hear him getting caught on his way to Mexico after trying to avoid charges of . We tried to spread the word to other BAA offices in other states, but I didn't put together the pieces in a way that made sense. Luckily, we had our hobo do expert memetics and spread it online.
  The last session was us going back to the governor's office to discover the real governor was modified, both super-ly and cybernetically. We killed him after losing all 3 of the former BAA guys we had helping us and had to get the fuck out before the cops came. He left for Alaska, but after a few feds tried to whack him, he decided Russia seemed nicer. He's kind of a celebrity in Siberia, where people aren't really aware what happened during Y2K, and he makes his living being an electrician. He's been told of a guerilla group that's trying to stop the injustices caused by(now many) government organizations and officals across the United States. He's trying to smuggle some guns from Russia to them. Wish him luck!


  Cat fantasy game, seemed fairly standard to me, but it's got some goofy stuff going on. I'll let him explain it. TL4.

Hobar "Ol' Salty" Finley; An old sailor, forced to retire because of his arthritus and lack on an eye. He literally got scooped up off a park bench into the party. He realized this was his ticket out of poverty and alcoholism, and while he wasn't a real alcoholic, he swore it off and dedicated himself to the role of lieutenant he found himself in. He dedicated almost all of his freetime to lifting weights and reading on the nature of land strategy.
  With a buckler and a cutlass, later being replaced by a magical shortsword, he did fairly well in fights, but he was obviously quite cautious. His one eye gave him a slight disadvantage in combat, and his achy joints would have as well, if it had ever flared up on a day combat were to happen. Combined with his old man skin, the frontline didn't seem too good of a spot for him, but it's where he would do the most damage. He used to frontline on ships, swinging from the rigging with pistol and cutlass; that's how he lost his eye, his pistol blew up in his face.
  He was recruited in the middle of the campaign, so I'm shaky on the details of how exactly, but the party came to be under the employ of the city-state of Eswil, and we were looking for some guy who was trying to destroy the moons, which are the body of a god. In the middle of that, we got sent to Aspya, which Eswil was basically at war with, and destroyed some supply caches.
  When we went to go fight the big bad, one of the players turned coat and we failed in our mission. That was definitely the better ending; the moon exploded and many shards of the body of a god(still containing magical power) fell to the dirt, causing many new pretenders of godhood to appear in many places. One of our party members, a blind mage, already had some divinity in him, so he had a head start on that, and Hobar joined him as a trusted commander, probably with two eyes at that point because magic. The character who turned coat on us got a nice slice of divinity for himself, but the area which he controlled became known as a Fucked Up Area where people sacrifice each other to him. Good ending!

warhammer 40k

  You should probably already know what this is. GRIMDARK.

784491-2471-7; a character for a one-shot Cat did about the Siege of Vraks. Typical Krieger cloneslop child soldier rifleman. Since the one-shot was about a mission which really only specialists would have embarked on, Cat let me have another guy, -8.
  We cleared out an underground munition depot of the chaos cultists which had taken it over. It was mostly tight corridors with more open spaces at the end. And by the end, we had killed three chaos space marines, including an aspiring champion, with only losing an engineer and a psyker. To achieve this, we used the environment. For the two normal CSMs, we simply blasted them with plasma and somehow didn't have them malfucntion as we overcharged shot with them. One of my guys picked up a plasma gun from a dead cultist. For the apsiring champion, the fight was conveniently next to the store of 103mm Earthshaker artillery shells. We had one of our guys shoot at the shells, causing a massive detonation, which launched a piece of shrapnel into the neck of the champion. He was killed instantly. Sadly, the Siege of Vraks wouldn't have had a different outcome even if we killed 30 CSMs. I like to think both of my guys were promoted to veterans and killed at least a few more people before either being killed or getting evacuated.

Wik van der Keel; [GAME IN PROGRESS]

shadowrun 5e

  This is the first tabletop game I played, in a high school afterschool club. Since then, I've played some online games, which never finished. The IRL one was finished, but I missed the session where they went into the final mission.

high school campagin

  My aforementioned first tabletop game. Used a combination of Chummer5 and paper sheets.

Rodney McMillian, Codeslick; My first tabletop character, ever, was a SR5e decker. Sure, 5e matrix is super dumbed down, but MAN that was a dumb idea. Thankfully, one of our players was a technomancer and I just stayed in meatspace with my meagre SMG skill and an Uzi. He got abudcted into a gang young, became a gang pet decker, but left eventually. He had a different backstory when I played him; born off the books by parents off the books, he had to work young. I think the newer one is more interesting. Like I said before, missed out on the last mission, so he just... disappeared, I guess.

Istvan Borislav, Tuff Stuff; Troll street samurai for the game that almost happened after the one Rodney was in. Russian meatwall with an LMG, a shotgun, and two cyberarms, ready to give you new holes. Went through the meet-up session with him, then the GM graduated I think.

bargin campagin

  One or two sessions and then GM wanted it to be V:TM, so I dipped.

Dan McMillian, Rooty Tooty;

  Brother of Rodney, street samurai, did not get abducted into the gang that his brother did, instead joined a PMC. He retired, but he was still looking for jobs when campaign start. He shot a flare at a boarded up gang-house window, that's all I can really remember.

td campagin

  Not even a session, the server we were in imploded and the GM was busy so it dropped.

Samuel Lynch,1-800-FSTMAGE; Hermetic street mage with an armored and submersible amphibous SAAB Dynamit. I thought the concept was really funny. He probably would have been a combat medic mainly, though. The Dynamit was really expensive, so I gave him tons of cash. He had the bugs spell. Not much else to say.

senior campagin

  One or two, maybe three sessions. We had a base in Redmond and a Johnson but that was about it.

Rueben Hayes, V-Man; A rigger with a lavishly-modified GMC Universe for driving and living and a Chuck Wagon that houses a Direktionssekretar that runs a food truck for Rueben. In addition to the fancy German hunk, he has a Duelist with two swords and a smartgun in the chest, as well as a group of smaller drones, including one that he houses in one of his eyesockets. Overall, standard rigger with the bog standard mechanic/gear repair side hustle. Backstory wise, he was a dumpster baby that got adopted by a chop shop in the middle of ganger frontlines, and he escaped in an uparmored van to live a mostly normal, quasilegal life for a few years as a mechanic, and then with the Crash, a rigger. Probably my most thought out Shadowrun character. Shame he only really got to ferry the group to the base in Redmond.

d&d 5e

  Since getting GURPSpilled, I've considered this a noob system. Would only go back for a really good setting. No complete campaigns.

sif fantasy setting

  Fairly standard fantasy setting. Humanity is young, and only one region has real civilized human folk, impending invasion from the hobgolbins to the north, orcs and goblins worship a god of pillaging and looting, underground dwarves, that kind of stuff. Also obligatory cutebolds. Document.
First game I played with Sif GMing. I was quiet through most of it, having made a quiet character, but also because I was nervous. Still had a good time. Made me want to play more tabletop. A nice handful of sessions, and we did stop seething nature fellows from taking over the world, but it ended on the gang floating away from the underground dock of a dwarf city.

Guy Carmicheal; Quiet hunter. Doesn't talk much. Parents murdered by orcs, he becomes an assassin, gets set up and flees to campagin start location, etc. Pale white skin, black shaggy hair, dirty look all around. Green clothes. Uses a longbow and has a shortsword for backup. Fairly standard ranger stuff. I had no idea that ranger in 5e is actually more magic-oriented, though, so he kinda sucked. Shoulda been a rogue or fighter. Live and learn. He also exposed my desire to play mostly normal characters.
  This was a pretty fun camapign, even though I can't remember much of it. The highlights are us stopping the end of the world and going underground to the underground dwarf city, which also contained dark-skinned almost-kobolds. They had a magical kind of bronze that was more powerful if in the dark, and some of the party bought some stuff from them. And, of course, the cliff hanger ending with the party on rafts in an underground water highway.
  I did a little piece of art based on that mental image, of us floating down the cave river. It's not very good, but you can see it here anyways.

Demuln; A back-up character for if Guy died. A bronze spartoi, he came out of a clay pot and joined the spartoi nation infantry and eventually became an officer in charge of a small squad. He didn't like commanding other spartoi, so he left. Wanderlust took him to campagin area. He was a fighter weapon master that liked painting and fine woodwork. Never used him, so I have no idea if he was good or not. Definitely a much bolder character than Guy, wonder how I would have played him if Guy died at that time.

cat japanese setting

  Japanese-based setting, including real folklore. I'm not going to try to pinpoint when during the Fuedal Age it was based off of exactly, but there were tanegashima, which is a kind of matchlock firearm from Japan. Here's the setting document.
Cat GM'd this one. Died after a session or two.

Nobushiro Omoikani-ki; A shironata that has left the tribes to learn about the other races and report back. Very interested in everything but the tribes. He does not trust anyone outside of his tribe, though, so he needs to do battle and forge a bond that way. He used a huge naginata, and being a shironata, he fights with it in an alien way. Cat had a homebrew class for the shironata way or whatever it was, which was a class of fighter. He killed a few people, which I count as a win. This race was basically the "very weird guy" race, and I decided to try it out. Shironata are supposed to speak really weird, and trying to emulate what I thought was what they sounded like was probably cringe looking back.
  Short campaign, and I can't really remember much of it, but if I recall correctly, we saw and almost got owned by a daioni(?) and then made our way to a town. Really can't remember anything else.

stars without number revised

  Seems like D&D 5e applied to space stuff. Not a huge fan.

das setting

  Space war between the Federation vs Sarks with lots of room in between for war profiteering. Feddies are bureaucratic but reasonable, Sarks are spartan and will absorb any civlization that cannot defend itself.

Lugwrench; [REDACTED]

cyberpunk 2020

  Shadowrun is a (very obvious)derivative of Cyberpunk, and I've never played it before, so when Sif said he was gonna run a game of it, I signed up. You know exactly what Cyberpunk is.

sif campaign

  Set in Anchorage with some homebrew setting stuff.

T. Gelveg; [REDACTED]