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  Hylics is a series of recreational programs with surreal visuals by Mason Lindroth. The first Hylics was made with RPGMaker and it mostly falls in line with typical RPGMaker gameplay. Hylics 2 was made in Unity and features a 3D rendered environment in an isometric view, but retains similar combat gameplay. Both games I really enjoy for both gameplay and aesthetic. When the third one comes out, which I'm really excited for, I'll write it in here. Click the images to go to their respective Steam store pages.


  The characters in Hylics 1 and 2 are Wayne, Dedusmuln, Pongorma, Somsnosa.
Wayne is the first character you play as in both games, and he is kind of a tabula rasa. He does not speak much in either games, though he does more in the second one. I imagine he's polite but reserved. He starts with a pistol in the first game! Wayne is a well rounded character, being able to handle himself well, I think.
Dedusmuln is the second character you recruit in the first game, and the second one you recruit in the second game. He is an archeologist and he is very interested in old stuff. In the first game, you show him a rare Paper Cup and he joins your party. I imagine him as very knowledgable but dorky, the kind of guy that could talk your ear off about this or that. He has very useful buffs, especially Foam Armor in the second game. He's my favorite character!
Pongorma is the second character you recruit in the first game, and the first in the second. He's a powerful knight! Like an honorable knight, he is kind but fierce. You actually fight him as a boass in the first game! His helmet is kind of silly in Hylics 1, I much prefer the one he has in 2. He does a lot of damage with his attacks and can cast powerful offensive spells. I feel like it would be pretty easy to cosplay his appearance in Hylics 2.
Somsnosa is a girl. She's the last character you recruit in both games. She is nonchalant and seems to be very good friends with Wayne, even in the first game. She has dominion over the bugs and allows Wayne to draw power from them in the first game, but not the second. She uses very powerful gestures that damage multiple enemies at once.


Images used are from the Hylics wiki, the Hylics 1 and 2 Steam store pages, and Mason Lindroth's tumblr page.