the clothes

Some of my clothes that I like to wear.


hawaiian shirts

  I keep talking about them in the blog, but here they are. The only one I didn't get from thrifting is the black and white George one. I'm nominally a medium, but I like to wear large or even XL, but the first one is 2XL, so I gave it to a friend who fits better in it.

members only jackets

  White boy swag. The medium is kind of a tight fit, so I like to wear the larger ones more often. The blue one is the only one I've gotten from thrifting thus far. Lucky find, at the Goodwill percieved as the least worthwhile to go to, no less.

t-shirts w/ graphics or logos

  My wardrobe is very plain, and most of my shirts are simply paterns or solid colors. I make exceptions for grahpic tees which I find exceptional cool or worth owning. Simple logos or graphics are best, in my opinion, like with the Quebec Nordiques shirt.

hockey jerseys

  Hockey is the best sport. If there's not a picture of the back, it doesn't have a name on it(yet), probably beacuse it's new from Fanatics.
I'm named after Cam Neely.
A late present for my 22nd birthday, the jersey belonging to Alexander Tarasov (Tapacoв) from his 2010-2011 season with UHC Moscow Dynamo. Game used, with fight strap. Moscow Dynamo is the same team that Alexander Ovechkin played in before coming to the NHL.

billed caps

  I've got quite a few caps, mostly from people giving them to me, but I found that Academy Bassmaster hat in a Walmart parking lot, and the Hitman hat is from a NYC vintage shop.

amex leather jacket

  Bought from a thrift store in Texas. Very comfortable and in very good condition, with only some paint and stuff on it. Nice and warm with buttons for a liner. I'm still on the lookout for a more generic, black leather jacket for something special.

members only leather jacket

  Bought from a vintage store in NYC. Only $15 because of a ripped epaulette keeper and some tears in the liner, nothing too hard to fix. Awesome find.

m65 field jacket with liner

  I've had the liner for a while for some reason, but the jacket came from a family friend who knew I'd like it(he was right). Came with a name patch but I've since removed it. Of note is that the jacket is a medium but the liner is an XL, but they still fit together.

m65 field jacket in woodland

  Found in a NYC vintage store, no liner, medium regular. Something like this on eBay would probably run you about $50, so finding it for $20 was great.

remington outdoors field jacket

  Found in a NYC vintage store. Goretex inner shell with lots of pockets. Male clasps suggest there's a hood that goes with it. Elastic waist keeper with clasps is a nice feature. Finding anything with genuine Goretex in it for $30 is something to talk about.

pink dress shirt

  I may take pictures of my other dress shirts and put them here, but this one is my favorite. I've been brainwashed by pictures of Miami Vice and Better Call Saul to really like colorful dress clothes. It's not that pale in real, I promise.


  Found thrifting. This tie is extremely busy, but I really like it. It's also pretty good quality, made in USA. I don't have any outfits it would go good with, sadly.