the gear

Stuff I hope I never have to really use. Some of it is just collectable, though. Guns, tactical gear, survival gear.


goggles, sun wind and dust, with ballisitic laser lenses

  Got these from a fella off Ebay. Came in the box, with the manual. Extremely good condition.

m40 field protective mask

  Bought from my brother, bag and all. Came with a container of DEFCON 2 wipes. Second skin is on, don't have any of the other lenses.

olin 25mm marine flare gun

  From either my uncle or my dad, can't remember. 25mm marine flares are really expensive, so I'm gonna get a 12 gauge flare converter for it. We've got old Czech 26.5mm flares, and they fit.

pen flare

  My dad gave it to me. Only have one flare for it, so I haven't fired it.


  My pistol. It's a striker-fired 9mm pistol with a 17 round magazine capacity, and I've put a TLR-1 on it. Funny enough, it fits in a Glock holster without the light. It's a nice shooter, I need to go out to the range with it and fire it more.

vest, tactical load bearing (enhanced)

  NSN 8415-01-296-8878. This one doesn't fit STANAG magazines, so I suspect it was one of the lucky dogs to be modified for use with Colt SMG magazines.

case, shotgun ammunition

  NSN 8465-201-8944. Designed to go on the ALICE belt. Space for 12 shells. Currently full of buckshot.

molle ii vest, load bearing (lbv)

  NSN 8465-01-465-2056. Set up with surplus Eagle Industry pouches. Probably what I would end up using if I was put in a situation that required me to. I use the two mag pouches with one mag each, it's less bulky that way. Space for five STANAG magazines and two pistol magazines. No grenades in the grenade pouches, yet.