the media

My books, movies, games, and music that I have physically.


gurps books

  Got these from a used book store. I'm glad to have these ones in phyiscal form. Need to find Basic Set, they don't have it at the book store. I almost cleared them out, they only have Supers left. I remember, when I was young and I had no clue what GURPS was, the Tactical Shooting book was on a shelf and I peeked inside, not seeing much. This time, they were locked in a case. Something something society. Sif told me Biotech is probably the weirdest book to find in the wild, especially in hardback. It was sitting under a display for some other books, on the case of TTRPG sourcebooks.

palladium books

  From my brother, I don't remember where he got them from though. Really old books for(I think) some kind of generic roleplaying system like GURPS. I appreciate old stuff like this, even if I have no use for it beyond rough reference.

better homes & gardens decorating book

  Found at Goodwill. A 2017 reprint of a 1956/61 interior decoration book with nothing changed whatsoever. Full of inspiring layouts and designs of classic and midcentury modern spaces, as well as vintage pictograms and informational comics. This is a treasured tome to me which I hope to use to great effect.

ps2 & games

  All acquired from Ebay. Those games came with the PS2, but I got KD and WLK seperately.

dreamcast & web browser

  The Dreamcast was bought from a church drive for $1 I can't even remember when. The web browser disc was found at Goodwill. The disc works, some day I'll see if I can get it working. Loading makes the disc noisy.

the warmaster box set

  This was a birthday present from my brother for my birthday, 2020. I didn't remember, so I'm glad he reminded me, but when he ordered it, they accidentally sent the Emperor's Spears box set from around the same time. He contacted GW or Black Library or whatever, they sent him the Warmaster box set, and he got to keep the Emperor's Spears stuff. The box set contains the Warmaster in unique hardcover, a portrait of Ibram Gaunt, a notebook in similar hardcover, a Tanith First flag, a pin of the Tanith First logo, a patch of the Highness Ser Armaduke, and a pair of dogtags stamped with the details of Oan Mkoll. This is one of my most favorite gifts I've ever gotten. Ever. I'm not too involved with Warhammer 40k, but I really like the Imperial Guard, and particularly the Gaunt's Ghosts novels, which I really need to read more of.

aol disk

  Found at a thrift store, sealed. Someone must have forgot to install it. The thing holding it up is a Las Vegas slot machine piggy bank.

swing tapes

  Bought from a thrift store. I like swing, and I like old media formats. Not much else to say.

the cure cds

  Picked up in a little music shop in Ben Wheeler, Texas. Seventeen Seconds is sealed(!), but Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is not. Awesome find and I'm glad to have picked them up.

art of noise cd

  Found at Goodwill. I was initially skeptical of the condition of the disc, having some nasty looking scratches. After I ripped the disc, though, it looked perfect! Very excited to have this album on CD.

personal cassettes

  Cargo and Work Now For The Future were picked up in that same shop in Ben Wheeler, but the others are from a thrift store in Texas. Sadly, I think I fucked half of the tapes up by absent-mindedly putting them next to an uninstalled speaker, all of the ones in the first picture. Still kicking myself for that, but I guess they're still cool to have.

incubus tapes

  I'm kind of just holding these for my brother, but I wanted to document them here anyways. Not sure where they came from. I like Incubus, reminds me of when I was younger and listened to Green Day. I do still think that these albums are good music.


  I've got a lot of these, so they're going at the bottom of the page to avoid spam.
List of ones I've watched on these very VHSes:


  Again, a lot of these, so I'll avoid page spam with posting every one individually. All of them are from thrift stores or just passed down. I got jipped with the Ace of Base one, but it's my fault for not checking in the case before buying from Goodwill.

bootleg chinese dvds

  Found at Goodwill. Picked up because they were funny. Awesome misspellings, mismatchings, and other confusion on the covers. Click one of the cases to see a scan of the cover(it might not work if you're on a wacky resolution).