the MREs

Usually shelf-stable, always for survival. Military MREs, food for hiking.


belarusian mre

  Gift from my uncle on Christmas of 2021. I've had all of it save for one of the cans of porridge(каша). The review is as follows:

- PORRIDGE: The main course. Similar to corned beef hash, but with grain instead of hash. I ended up cooking it like corned beef hash, in a pan. Pretty good.
- MYSTERY PATE: The top one in the image, not really sure what it's made of. Had an odd taste that I suspect was iron. Kept flipping between liking it and not liking it while eating it.
- TURKEY LIVER PATE: It tastes like vienna sausages. I like it.
- CRACKERS: I wouldn't say they were crackers, per say... more like puffed rice sheets. That's what the texture made me think, at least. Pretty good, though. They were much more pale than the packaging suggests.
- RASPBERRY BISCUITS: Shortbread cookies with a hint of raspberry. Yum.
- MUESLI BAR: The flax seeds were kind of overpowering, but the fruits still came through. Pleasant.
- CHOCOLATE WAFER BAR: Not much to say. It's what you would expect. Nice and light.
- TOFFEE? BAR - I thought this was going to be bog standard chocolate. Nope. I broke off a piece and it crumbled. I wouldn't call it toffee, because to me, toffee is hard. That's what the menu says, though. Has a kind of caramel flavor to it, I think? Very confusing, but still good.
- PEANUTS: Just salted peanuts. The bag was pretty big, I thought.
- HARD CANDIES: I'm pretty sure it was the dark blue one that was mint flavored. The other one... I have no idea what flavor it was supposed to be. The most legible thing I could get off the packaging with Google Translate was "flying lollipop", and that just confused me more. The yellowish-green one has a pear on the wrapper but I can't really say the flavor made me think of pears.
- COFFEE: Standard Nescafe instant coffee affair. Not a big fan, but the condensed milk helped.
- SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK: Shoutout to this stuff, dude. You get a big old tube of it which you would be fucking insane to use only on this ration. I've been using it in coffee and tea day to day. It's nice. I love that this is in here.
- JELLY DRINKS: I thought these were tea at first. One is raspberry flavor, the other is mixed berries. Very odd to drink(eat?) and they liked to hang out on the inside of whatever I made them in. I'd say they were good, though.
- POCKET STOVE: I know this isn't a food item, but it fucking sucks. Trying to use it on one of the porridge cans was HELL. Fuck this thing.