the nicknacks

Nicknack-y things I've collected over the years. Also dumping grounds for miscellanea.


pibb head pin button

  Do I even need to say anything about this? Other than I got it off eBay.

vintage mess kit

  Gift from my brother, Christmas 2021. Very big contender for best gift I've ever gotten. I feel honored to be the host of this set, and I'm sad that I have no place to display it physically. It doesn't deserve to sit in my closet like it does.

vintage newspaper

  The Dayton Daily News, Wednesday, August 16th, 1950. Was used to pack the vintage mess kit. What a piece of history this is. It's basically falling apart, though, and I don't have a good way to scan it. I wish I did.


  The Israeli one was from my dad, the others are from thrift stores. The FBIDOJ one is glass, and now, sadly, it is broken. I don't know what ship is on the Israeli one. I've got more, and will take pictures later.


  Maybe my enjoyment of plushes says something about me, but I don't care. Images are in the order I got them. I bought the anomalocaris and lootbug ones myself, but the isopod was a birthday gift from a friend.

lasgun powerpack dice holder

  Another gift from my brother. He doesn't remember what the dice are for, but it seems like 5th edition 40k or something.


  Chessex dice in fools gold and steel with white pips/numbers. Normal D6s, mini D6s, and D10s, because they were acquired for playing Shadowrun.

german soldier gallery target

  An aluminum target of a Nazi soldier. These were put in shooting galleries of fairs during and after World War II.

.300 winchester short magnum cartridge

  Think I found this at the range. The corrosion on the outside goes about half way around.

kyrgyz cigarettes

  From my dad. I wonder how these found their way over here... Previously assumed to be Russian but thank you to saints-images for noticing the error.

passport holder

  Got it off of Ebay. I can't remember if it was directly from Russia or if it was here before I bought it, but I tried to use it as a wallet in highschool.


  From my dad. I don't know who Sailor Jerry is, but this is a real nice zippo.


  I think it used to be my brother's. Made in USA! Yea baby!

blasting cap container

  A plastic container for blasting caps. I won't show you if it's filled or not. (It's not... sad.)

m72a2 law reference card

  A card for learning how to use the M72A2 LAW. It speaks for itself.